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What has the author Manuel Blanco written?

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Manuel Blanco has written:

'Flora de Filipinas' -- subject(s): botany

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What has the author Manuel Blanco Tobio written?

Manuel Blanco Tobio has written: 'Cinco zorros plateados'

What has the author Manuel Rivera-Ortiz written?

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz has written: 'Percepciones en blanco & negro' -- subject(s): Pictorial works

When did Manuel Blanco Romasanta die?

Manuel Blanco Romasanta died in 1854.

When was Francisco Manuel Blanco born?

Francisco Manuel Blanco was born in 1778.

When did Francisco Manuel Blanco die?

Francisco Manuel Blanco died in 1845.

What has the author Armindo Blanco written?

Armindo Blanco has written: 'A lei e a ordem'

What has the author Jodee Blanco written?

Jodee Blanco has written: 'Please stop laughing at me'

When was Manuel Blanco Romasanta born?

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was born on 1809-11-18.

When did Víctor Manuel Blanco die?

Víctor Manuel Blanco died on 2011-03-08.

When was Víctor Manuel Blanco born?

Víctor Manuel Blanco was born on 1918-03-10.

When was Manuel Blanco Rodríguez born?

Manuel Blanco Rodríguez was born on 1983-03-01.

When did Manuel Blanco Encalada die?

Manuel Blanco Encalada died on 1876-09-05.

When was Manuel Blanco Encalada born?

Manuel Blanco Encalada was born on 1790-04-21.

What has the author Honor Blanco Cabie written?

Honor Blanco Cabie has written: 'Beyond images'

What has the author Myriam Blanco written?

Myriam Blanco has written: 'Die Wirtschaftspolitik der Sandinisten'

What has the author ALberto Blanco written?

ALberto Blanco has written: 'Amanecer de los sentidos'

What has the author Amber Blanco White written?

Amber Blanco White has written: 'Ethics for unbelievers'

What has the author Manuel Abril written?

Manuel Abril has written: '\\'

What has the author Jorge Bermudez Blanco written?

Jorge Bermudez Blanco has written: 'Cuba para recordar'

What has the author Jose Blanco Amor written?

Jose . Blanco Amor has written: 'La misio n'

What has the author Manuel Humbert written?

Manuel Humbert has written: 'Humbert'

What has the author Manuel Josh written?

Manuel Josh has written: 'Essences'

What has the author Manuel Mendive written?

Manuel Mendive has written: 'Mendive'

What has the author Manuel Viotti written?

Manuel Viotti has written: 'Dactyloscopia'

What has the author Manuel Hidalgo written?

Manuel Hidalgo has written: 'Azucena'

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