What has the author Paul R Krugman written?

Paul R. Krugman has written:
'Economia Internacional - Teoria y Politica'
'International trade effects of value added taxation' -- subject(s): Competition, International, Econometric models, Effect of value-added tax on, Exports, International Competition, International trade, Protectionism, Value-added tax
'Self Organizing Economy (Mitsui Lectures in Economics)'
'International economics' -- subject(s): International finance, International economic relations
'Pop internationalism' -- subject(s): International economic relations, International trade
'Microeconomics' -- subject(s): Microeconomics, Study and teaching
'Macroeconomics--text only'
'Study Guide for Microeconomics'
'Cities in space' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Industrial location, Urban economics
'Fluctuations, instability, and agglomeration' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Industrial location, Industrial concentration
'The great unraveling'
'The Great Unraveling'
'Increasing returns and economic geography' -- subject(s): Economic geography, Geography, Economic, Regional economic disparities
'Economics' -- subject(s): Economics
'Development, geography, and economic theory' -- subject(s): History, Development economics, Economic geography
'Fiscal policy, interest rates, and exchange rates' -- subject(s): Intergovernmental fiscal relations
'Trade with Japan'
'Globalization and the inequality of nations' -- subject(s): International business enterprises, Econometric models, International trade
'El Internacionalismo Moderno'
'Una Politica Comercial Estratificada Para Una Nueva Economia'
'The Return of Depression Economics' -- subject(s): History, Recessions, Business cycles, Economic history
'Contractionary effects of devaluation' -- subject(s): Accessible book
'The accidental theorist' -- subject(s): Economics
'A dynamic spatial model' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Regional economics
'Is bilateralism bad?' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Commercial treaties, Commercial policy, Welfare economics, International economic relations
'First nature, second nature, and metropolitan location' -- subject(s): Urban economics, Cities and towns, Location, Mathematical models
'The self-organizing economy' -- subject(s): Self-organizing systems, Economics
'La Organizacion Espontanea de La Economia'
'Differences in income elasticities and trends in real exchange rates' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Elasticity (Economics), Foreign exchange
'End this depression now!' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Recessions, History, Financial crises, Unemployment
'Geography and trade' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Regional economic disparities, Mathematical models.., Industrial productivity, Commercial geography, Economic geography, Regional disparities
'The Great Unravelling'
'Integration, specialization, and adjustment' -- subject(s): Industries, Location, Industrial concentration, Economic integration
'Inequality and the political economy of eurosclerosis'
'Macroeconomics' -- subject(s): Macroeconomics