What has the author Pierre Berton written?

Pierre Berton has written:
'Drifting Home'
'Parry of the Arctic (Exploring the Frozen North)'
'Trails of '98 (Book 13)'
'The Arctic Grail'
'My Country the Remarkable Past'
'The Great Depression'
'Picture Book of Niagara Falls'
'The Battles of the War of 1812'
'The Great railway illustrated'
'The Wild Frontier'
'Bonanza Gold (Book 5)'
'City of Gold (Book 14)'
'Death of Tecumseh'
'Jane Franklin's Obsession'
'Wild Frontier Remarkable'
'The Last Spike'
'Death of Tecumseh (Book 20) (Adventures in Canadian History : the Battles of the War of 1812)'
'Invasion of Canada' -- subject(s): Campaigns and battles, History, United States War of 1812
'The Railway Pathfinders'
'Steel Across the Plains'
'Before the Gold Rush'
'The Secret World of Og'
'City of Gold'
'The Real Sarah Bernhardt Whom Her Audiences Never Knew'
'Canada Moves West'
'Dr. Kane of the Arctic Seas'
'Promised Land'
'The Great Klondike Gold Rush (History for Young Canadians)'
'Flames across the Border'
'Death of Isaac Brock (Book 2) (The Battles of the War of 1812)'