What has the author Sepharial written?

Sepharial has written:


'Transits and Planetary Periods' -- subject(s): Astrology

'Your Fortune in Your Name or Kabalistic Astrology' -- subject(s): Astrology, Cabala



'The world horoscope, Hebrew astrology' -- subject(s): Astrology

'The Art Of Card Fortune Telling'

'A manual of occultism' -- subject(s): Occultism

'The Measure Of Life And The Science Of Foreknowledge - Pamphlet'

'Occult Palmistry'

'Law of Values (Silver key)'

'Eclipses As Portents In Scripture Prophecy - Pamphlet'

'How to Read the Crystal' -- subject(s): OverDrive, New Age, Nonfiction, Self-Improvement

'Allied Psychic Phases - Pamphlet'

'Kinds Of Psychic Vision - Pamphlet'

'Evil Spirits'

'Indian Astrology'

'The Book Of Charms And Talismans With Numerous Diagrams Of Talismans, Sigils And Seals'

'Geomancy - Pamphlet'

'Star Lore And Prophecy - Pamphlet'


'Hindu Astrology'

'The Astrology Of Lilith - Pamphlet'

'The Power Of Numbers'

'Various Methods Of Kabalism'

'The science of numerology' -- subject(s): Numerology

'The Witness In Stone In Scripture Prophecy - Pamphlet'

'Ptolemy's Astrological Practice And Method'

'Success And Failure'

'Cosmic Symbolism'


'Fortune Telling By Cards' -- subject(s): Cards, Fortune-telling

'How to read the crystal, or, Crystal and seer' -- subject(s): Crystal gazing

'The Horoscope Of Rama - Pamphlet'

'The kabala of numbers' -- subject(s): Numerology, Symbolism of numbers

'Second Sight' -- subject(s): Clairvoyance

'Primary Directions Made Easy'

'How To Read The Horoscope'

'Wheel of Fortune' -- subject(s): Occultism

'Obstacles To Clairvoyance - Pamphlet'

'The book of the crystal and the seer' -- subject(s): Astrology, Crystal gazing

'Fortune Telling by Numbers'

'Names And Numbers - Pamphlet'

'An Introduction To The Basis Of Scripture Prophecy - Pamphlet'

'The Law Of Values An Exposition Of The Primary Causes Of Stock And Share Fluctuations'

'The Position In Life'

'Astrology In Shakespeare - Pamphlet'

'The Alphabet Of Astrology - Pamphlet'

'The Kabbalism Of Cycles - Pamphlet'

'On Speculation'

'Joan Of Arc And The Science Of Foreknowledge - Pamphlet'

'Directional Astrology and Complete Sets of Tables'

'Sepharial's Book of the Cards'

'Eclipses astronomically and astrologically considered and explained' -- subject(s): Astrology, Eclipses, Miscellanea

'Celestial Dynamics'

'Health And Sickness'

'The Stars in Their Courses'


'The Tables Of Houses And Planetary Transits - Pamphlet'