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What has the author W W MEISSNER written?


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W. W. MEISSNER has written:



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William Meissner has written: 'The road to Cosmos'

Janusz Meissner has written: 'Niebieskie drogi'

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Antije Meissner has written: 'Morphologische aspekte in den dialektalen varietaten des Maa'

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A. L. Meissner has written: 'A German grammar for schools and colleges' -- subject(s): German language, Grammar

Bruno Meissner has written: 'Die Keilschrift' -- subject(s): Cuneiform writing, Akkadian language, Sumerian language

C. Meissner has written: 'Latin phrase-book' -- subject(s): Conversation and phrase books, Latin language

Ute Meissner has written: 'Der Antwerpener Notendrucker Tylman Susato' -- subject(s): Music printing, Catalogs

Friedrich Ludwig Meissner has written: 'Ueber die physische Erziehung der Kinder in den ersten Lebensjahren'

Joachim Meissner has written: 'Das Kommen der Herrlichkeit' -- subject(s): Bible, Criticism, interpretation, Language, style

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