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i dont know

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Q: What has the moon been like for the past month and week?
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What has the moon looked likethe past week?

what did the moon look like the past week? what did the moon look like the past week?

What has been around for millions of years but that is never more than one month old?

The answer to this riddle is the face of the moon. It "disappears" before it is a month old and has been around for a long time.

Who has been to the Nintendo world store in the past month and what Pokemon plushies do they have?

Like 50 different kinds.

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How many humans have ben to Pluto?

None, No Human has ever been past the moon.

How many planets have been found in the past month?

At least 32 have been found on October 19 2009!

In what episode of Sailor Moon do you see serenity?

like episode 40 or 41 they i think talk about her past when they are on the moon. DEOXYSDEOXYS

Is there life past the astroied belt?

There have been reports of microbial life on Jupiter's moon Europa.

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I would also like to know because I just ate three a month past the expiration date 😂

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What did the moon look like on march 18th 2012?

The moon was in the waning crescent phase, 9 days past full and 5 days from the new moon on the 23rd.

What was space like in the past?

it was pitch black, with shiny stars the 9 planets and the sun and moon.