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What has the president done that affected me?

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the president must have played tricks on u

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Will President Obama have an affect on your life?

I think he will. Check out the related question below about how people have been affected and the things Barack has done for them during his first term as President.

Who was the first president to be affected by the amendment that states there will always be a vice president?

President Ford 25 am

What are the project of president Aquino done?

i think the president Aquino done to his project is NONE !

Which amendment affected the office of president?


How has President Obama affected international relations?


How was each side affected by the Vietnam War?

done done it all call 1773 4403982

What did President Nixon do that no other president had done?

He visited China.

What world conflicts affected Texas in the 1950s and 1960s?


How did Jefferson Davis affected the war?

He was the first president of the confederate

How long did George Washington die after he was done being president?

After being done with being president he died after 10 years.

Who was president at the time of the teapot done scandal?

President William Taft

Who was president when US got California?

The goal was brought by President Polk and it was President Taylor when it was done.

IF the president dies what does the vice president do?

If the president dies the vice president is responsible for stepping up as president. The vice president will do everything the president had previously done.

What has George Washington done?

he was our president

Who was the first president affected by inauguration date change?

The first US President affected by inauguration date change was our first President, George Washington. He was inaugurated for his first term on 30 April 1789. Thereafter, the Constitution prescribed it be 4 March.

What family tragedy affected the inauguration of Franklin Pierce?

The family tragedy that affected the inauguration of Franklin Pierce was the death of the President Elect's son. This child died in a train accident. This child was the last surviving child of Franklin Pierce and the death severely affected the President.

Who select new president after death of current president?

The vice president would become president no selection is done by anyone

How could have WW1 affected salvador Dali's work?

It done did nothing.

What is the test done when a person is affected by carcinogen chemical?

blood test

Wath president Ferdinand Marcos done?

Ferdinand Marcos was not President of the United States; he was President of the Philippines.

What cannot be done to the salary of the president?

The salary of the president can not be cut for the current term.

The actual election of the President and Vice President is done by this group?

electoral college

Is president Marcos a good president?

President Marcos might be a dictator but he has done more projects than president arroyo which makes him a good president.

How has physical features affected life in Europe and Russia?

i really dont get this and i need to get it done its my home work and its done tomarrow

What has Nicolas sarkozy done for France?

was president