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What has to be done to replace the low beam bulb on a 2000 VW Beetle?


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2005-10-12 05:06:47
2005-10-12 05:06:47

open the hood and there is a hook like lever close to where u see the headlight housing move it down and then remove the bulb lens and or as i call it the eye ball then un plug the wiring harness from the low beam by depressing on the tab and then take the grey schroud off the back of the light housing there are tabs along the sides of it then to get the actuall bulb out u have to push down a springy wire then move it to the left and the walla wiggle the bulb out by tugging on the wire a bit then reverse the process and then u have replace your lowbeam headlight bulb


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I have a 2000 S 430, and when my dash read "low Beam" I actually had to take it to the dealer to replace because of the new Xenon headlights, the bulb itself ran me $160.00!

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