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What has two hands but can not hand?

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a clock

2007-06-24 09:57:48
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If men have two hands and monkeys have four hands what has just three hands?

An analog clock: an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand.

What is the picture with two hands and band aids covering cuts on the hand in the center?

its jesus hand i think becuz jesus was naild to a cross and i have a tatto of his hands two hands

What is hand-in-hand?

hand in hand is when two people are holding each others hands tight.

What are expressions using the word hands?

idle hands are the devil's workshop on the other hand a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush government hand-out give me a hand don't bite the hand that feeds you hands down

What is the difference between hand and hand to hand in hand?

I think there is a very subtle difference. hand and hand just refers to two hands not necessarily together. hand in hand implies that the hands are connected or together.

Can you dribble using two hands?

Yes you can. That would involve dribbling with one hand and passing it over to the other hand, thus dribbling with two hands.

How many hands do you have?

usually the normal person only have two hands with 5 fingers on each hand.

what has a round face and two thin hands one hand short and one hand long?


what has a round face and two thin hands,one hand short and one hand long?


Which hands are big hands and little hands?

The little hand is the hour hand on a clock, while the big hand is the minutes.

Most power hand held gun?

Question can't be answered as written. One hand or two hands?

Does Howie Mandel have two right hands?

No, the actor has a left and a right hand.

Why is there two right hands and a left hand on piano sheet music?

The left hand and the second right hand are the accompaniment and the top line is the solo ....

Does hand sanitizer dry out your hands?

Some hand sanitizer does dry out your hands

Is a girl flirting if Girl shakes your hand two hands?

maybe, just ask her

When you on Nokia mobile then shake-hand two people who they are?

animating hands by the nokia

Why use two thumbs encircling hands CPR?

Two thumbs encircling hands CPR is used on infants only, and is less tiring than using 1 hand.

What is the plural of hand?

The plural of hand is hands.

What are hands as motif in the story 'Of Mice and Men'?

Hands reoccur throughout the book. Curley's vaseline hand, the ranch hands, Candy's missing hand, Lennie's strong rough hands, the hands of solitaire that George plays, Curley's crushed hand. All of these are included in the hand motif.

What famous koan did Hakuin write?

"Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?"

Can you shoot with Two hands in the NBA?

Yes, there is no rule stating that you must use only one hand. In the early days of the NBA, the 'two hand set shot' was one of the popular shots. A player would stand with the ball in both hands at chest height and shoot. Click on the 'Two Hand Set Shot' link below to learn more about it.

When giving chest compressions to a child should you use your hands or fingers?

Use fingers for infants, one hand for children, two hands for adults.

Why do you need two hands on an air pistol?

No it's not necessary, but any good instructor will tell you two hands make you more steady than one. A good pistol stance is to hold the pistol in one hand and place your other hand underneath your pistol hand to help steady it while shooting

Is hand a verb or noun?

The word hand is both a verb (hand, hands, handing, handed) and a noun (hand, hands). Examples: verb: I will hand you my paper. noun: I hurt my hand today.

Are figerprint on your left hand the same as your right hand?

No. All ten fingerprints on your two hands are different from one another. If you ever have your fingerprinted taken, you will have to give fingerprint image from both your right and left hands.