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What hatches from eggs?


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Birds, ducks, bees, butterflies, fleas, flies, lizards, turtles, most snakes, praying mantis, sharks, penguins, roaches, Spiders, ... these are the things my daughter and I came up with for her homework today. I had to look up the lizards, shark, and praying mantis. I found the best way to find out the answer to this question is to do a search on a particular animal or insect and look at the breeding section.
Depending on where you gotten the Egg or what female Pokemon you put in the Day-Care, the Egg can hatch into the same pre-evolution form of the mother.
every type of animal except Mammals. There are, however, exceptions. For instance, snakes that have live birth, and mammals that lay eggs (platypus).

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The male emu incubates and hatches the eggs.

Bad eggs hatches like real eggs, it hatches when you walk enough steps

it hatches the same as other eggs just walk around until it hatches

No a pigeon lays and hatches eggs.

well they keep it warm until it hatches and then when it hatches they treat it like a child

Catfish : a father sea catfish keeps the eggs of his young in his mouth until they are ready to hatch . Frog : the male Darwin frog hatches his eggs in a pouch in his mouth .

After dragons mate, the female lays eggs. Their offspring hatches from the eggs

They are just called eggs, what hatches from them are called larva or larvae.

Eggs which become tadpoles which become frogs

There is a place that hatches eggs. It has a Chansey sitting in front. It is by the dojo and when the egg hatches the Pokemon inside will want to join your team. You can have it join or not.

There are two eggs you gets from people. One near heartroam and one at the end of iron Island. One of them hatches a riolu and one hatches a happiny.

The thing that hatches from frog eggs are called tadpoles. These tadpoles live in water and look kind of like a small fish, then, they start metamorphosing stage by stage into a frog.

0. The male hatches the eggs, which is typically only one.

A peregrine falcon is a bird of prey, and the chicks do hatch from eggs.

No, Rats give birth to live young.

In short - No! Once an egg hatches it is a chick and some mother hens allow them to sit on their backs for short periods, but not actually carry them as they walk around. Once the chick hatches, the eggs are discarded and usually eaten and broken up by the mother hen.

Yes a lady had spider eggs in her mouth from licking stamps with the eggs on it. The eggs gotimbeddedin her lip and hatches. The spiders then crawled out of her mouth.

Platypuses are not born live, but hatched from eggs. When a baby platypus first hatches, it is about the size of a bean.Platypus do not give birth, they lay eggs.'s the thing from which a sea urchin hatches?

she takes care of them for 2 weeks then leaves them.

it usually takes about 4 months

The hen sits three weeks on it's eggs before it hatches

string rays do not lay eggs they have it on there body and it hatches it out alive

they are genderless until they attend bird school

It hatches when it is over 100 degrees and when you love the egg

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