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Q: What have been the effects of Japan's recent earthquake?
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Where has been the strongest earthquake in the modern days?

the japans tsunami

What have been the effects if technology on the economy in recent years?


Has there been any recent natural disasters in France?

Yes there have been earthquake, that's all. It was sad :'(

When is a tsunami most common?

tsunamis are most common near where their has been a recent earthquake

Did tokoyo get hit in the Earthquake earthquake?

Tokyo did not get hit by the recent earthquake in Japan, however the stress from that earthquake has been moved along the plate bounday and therefore Tokyo is the next target for a major earthquake in Japan.

What are some of the worst natural disasters in recent history?

Some of the worst natural disasters in recent history have been caused by earthquakes. There was the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. The tsunami was caused by an earthquake.

Has there ever been an earthquake in Minnesota?

There have been a few earthquakes felt in Minnesota, but many people have lived in the state their whole lives and never experienced an earthquake. The first earthquake was recorded in 1860. The largest earthquake was a Magnitude of 4.6 on July 8, 1975. The most recent earthquake in Minnesota was recorded on February 9, 1994.

Why has Japans crime rate been so low?

The reason why Japans crime rate has been so low is because unlike Americans they had a reason to steal and their import has been so high that most products prices are low.

How has the government of japan responded to the after effects of the earthquake?

not very well they just pocketed the relief fund and nothing has really been done

How many people were killed in the San Francisco earthquake?

There have been a number of earthquakes that have affected San Francisco. Perhaps the most famous are the 1906 earthquake which is estimated to have resulted in 3,000 fatalities and the more recent 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake which resulted in 63 deaths.

Has there ever been an earthquake in Canada?

Yahh, there has been an earthquake in Canada -savannah

When is the earthquake in club penguin?

The earthquake has already been.

Was there an earthquake in edmonton?

There has ever been an earthquake in Edmonton.

Where is the most earthquake damage in an earthquake?

The most earthquake damage tends to occur at the epicentre, which is the point on the surface above the hypocentre, or focus, of an earthquake. It is the point in the Earth's crust where the rock first breaks.However, many earthquakes do not actually break the earth's surface. It has been found that the most damage in an earthquake tends to result from the secondary effects, especially the movement of seismic waves away from the epicenter. These secondary effects include landslides, liquefaction, fissuring and aftershocks.

Is the haiti earthquake the strongest earthquake ever?

It is the strongest earthquake that has ever been in Haiti.

Where has been the most recent earthquake?

It is impossible to tell.You could read this message .5 of a second after I post it, and it would be false.Earthquakes are always happening, even if you can't feel them.

Has there been an earthquake in the Rocky Mountains?

No there has not "yet" been an earthquake in the Rocky Mountains. Although scientists believe that there will be an upcoming earthquake near the Rocky Mountains.

Where was the location of the earthquake?

Which earthquake, there have only been about a few thousand recorded.

How much money has been spent on the 2010 Haiti earthquake?

$10,000,000,000 has been spent on the Haiti Earthquake.

What have been the most recent natural disasters?

The Christchurch NZ earthquake at February at 12:51 P.M at a 6.3 magnitude.So far the death toll is at 165 and is expected to rise.

Throughout history japans econimy has been limited by its?

Japan's economy has been limited by its real estate and asset price models.

Countries never hit by an earthquake?

Malaysia have never been hit by earthquake.

Has there ever been a earthquake in Tasmania?

yes in 1985 there was an earthquake in Tasmania and it was 4.8

Is Rio De Janiero on an earthquake plate?

No. There has never been an earthquake in Brazil.

How many people died in the England earthquake?

Non there has not been a earthquake in England