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My mistakes can be pretty bad at times and more common than I wish. I have learned the come in all shapes and sizes and will always continue as life is about learning. First time you comitted it, it's a mistake. But if you comitted the same mistake again, it's stupidity. The above answers are excellent. If you were to hurt a friend, then know you did it and, instead of phoning them or emailing or IMing, have the guts to face them to apologize and take the risk of losing them for good. If you lie or cheat, own up to it and be responsible for your own actions. On and on the list goes, but I'm sure you get the drift. We all make mistakes and will until the day we die, but it's important we learn something good from each mistake we make. Sometimes we can rectify our mistake and other times we can't and we just have to accept that we can't make that mistake again and get on. so you don't have to remember the lie"

One thing I have learned is that it is better to think first before you do something which may have far-reaching consequences. In several different accidents I have lost parts of fingers.

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Did Leonardo da Vinci make any mastakes?

yes, he did make some mistakes but learned from them after

What was the lesson learned of brer lion?

Brer Lion not to be so gullible and never make the same mistakes twice.

What is a sentence using the word disastrous?

My first attempt to make an apple pie was completely disastrous, but I learned from my mistakes.

Can a real care baby be held while doing the childcare course?

I guess you could but the class opens for mistakes to be made and learned from and once you have a real baby you can not make those mistakes.

How can you explain the phrasethose who forget their past are doomed to repeat it?

If the past lessons aren’t learned then man will make the same mistakes.

How does teacher's reaction make you feel when you make mistakes?

They make you feel upset, but mistakes are mistakes.

We have made a mistakes when you are in a hurry or make mistakes when we are in a hurry?

We make mistakes when we are in a hurry.

What should a woman do and not do when trying to get her ex back?

Act like an intelligent young woman that has it together. Face him! Tell him you made mistakes in the past and humans do make mistakes, but you have learned from them and you'd like a second chance. Mean it!

Are you human because you make mistakes or do you make mistakes because you are human?

You make mistakes because you are human, not the other way around.

How are some workplace skills learned through doing a job?

Some skills are learned through education, degree, or leadership development programs. However, many skills are learned simply from:doing tasksseeing co-workers make mistakes and get in trouble for itmaking your own mistakes and getting into trouble for itrevising how you do tasks; improving your skill setstaking on more responsibilitiesmaking new mistakesshowing initiativeshowing leadershiptaking extra classes or CEUsusing new skills in new tasks

How was George Washington smart?

He learned from his mistakes. And read lots of books to learn stuff.

Do you make mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes is simply a part of being human.

Does everybody make mistakes?

Yes!! Everybody makes mistakes. It is something we just can't resist. We don't know we have made a mistake but we just do. You, I and everybody else, we all make mistakes. It's very common to make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes and you will probably will never make the same mistake again.

The following are wireless deployment mistakes to avoid except for?

There are no mistakes list to determine which are mistakes. To make sure no mistakes are committed consult a professional.

Did Genghis kahn make mistakes?

Of course he did. Everyone makes mistakes.

Can computer make mistakes?

computer can never make mistakes it is only when the input is wrong that is when the output can be wrong

A cell can make mistakes when it copies what in its DNA?

Cells tend to make mistakes copying nucleotides in the DNA.

What are thoughts and ideas about the quote 'It is not easy but you have to be willing to make mistakes and the earlier you make those mistakes the better'?

That quote means that each time you make a mistake that you learn from them. If your willing to make the mistakes you will learn them then it really isn't a big deal. The earlier you make the mistakes the earlier you will learn the answers.

How do you use the word mistakes in a sentence?

The essay was full of mistakes. "Make sure to correct your mistakes!" the teacher instructed.

Did George Washington Carver make any mistakes?

All inventors make mistakes and since George Washington Carver was an inventor, he probably made many mistakes.

How did the history help people?

History in the past has helped people just like with WW1 Generals in the army had made mistakes then other generals (when they came into power) learned from those mistakes and made more different mistakes, finally other generals learned from all the different mistakes meaning they managed to solve the problem in the end this helped the world and stalemate in WW1 (sorry if this explanation is a bit complicated but i think u can get the point!)

What mistakes did Harold goodwinson make?

Harold goodwinson make thousands of mistakes around the battle of hastings from demi ;)

How do you handle complains?

Listen carefully and try to accept. People make mistakes, and mistakes make you a better person.

Did Mary bethune make any mistakes or bad desicions?

Naah, she was poppin. Why would she make mistakes? she was perfect. :)))

Do experienced people make mistakes?

All people who work make mistakes, and overloaded workers make more. The difference is that experienced people recognize their mistakes sooner, and usually have a better chance to fix them.