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Health insurance in the United States is able to be purchased as a commodity or service from an insurance company directly. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is one such company, as is CIGNA, or Aetna. In addition, health insurance may be obtained in the United States through Medicaid, a social welfare program, depending upon one's financial situation. Finally, if the unemployed individual qualifies as a dependent or spouse according to certain criteria, another person in one's family can add the unemployed person to their health insurance. Family of military veterans or active duty personnel may qualify for health insurance through certain military providers.

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Q: What health insurance can an unemployed person get?
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Where can an unemployed person get health insurance if they have medical issuses?

hemrode problems and has no insurance and is unemployed

How can one purchase health insurance if they are unemployed?

Even when unemployed there are still options for health insurance. eHealth Insurance can assist those looking for plans and can even get multiple quotes from competing companies.

Does humana one offer health insurance to those who are unemployed?

HumanaOne offers affordable individual health insurance plans that protect you and your family when you need health insurance and coverage most. They provide insurance for unemployed, however you should get a job since it will pay for the insurance.

Do the unemployed have to purchase health insurance and will they be penalized if they don't?

There is no penalty until 2014. Health reform allows you to go for three months with no health insurance, and face no penalty/tax. So, if the lapse is three months or less, there is no penalty. An unemployed person would, naturally, have a lower income and therefore might qualify for government subsidies to buy health insurance. The person should go online to the insurance exchange or call the exchange's navigators to apply.

What has the author James R Baumgardner written?

James R. Baumgardner has written: 'Medicare and graduate medical education' -- subject(s): Medicine, Medicare, Study and teaching (Graduate) 'Proposals to subsidize health insurance for the unemployed' -- subject(s): Health Insurance, Insurance, Health, Unemployed

Where online might one apply for health insurance?

Your employer should have health insurance plans. If you are unemployed you can visit your social services office and get temporary health insurance. You can get temporary health insurance from social services even if you are employed, but you must meet the income requirements.

Where can the unemployed go to get cheap health insurance?

E-Health Insurance is one of the better sites where one can go in order to find cheap health insurance. This site will look at a variety of different health insurance carriers (after you have put in all of your relevant health information) and let you know what the price would be for a variety of carriers and plans.

Where may you purchase family health insurance if you am unemployed?

Aetna, Anthem, Humana, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield offer affordable family health insurance. You can also check with your state health agencies for more information.

How can someone get free health insurance?

If you are unemployed or have an extremely low income you may qualify for free health insurance. You would need to sign up at your unemployment office or your Department of Health and Human Services to see if you quality.

What are some health insurance options for the unemployed?

Health insurance options for the unemployed are very limited and vary from state to state and country to country. In some cases, coverage from a previous employer's group plan may still apply to the individual. In other cases, a spouse or other family member may have a group plan that would cover the unemployed individual.

Do you still have health insurance coverage when unemployed?

Assuming you had health insurance when you were employed, you may continue that insurance through the COBRA program by paying the applicable premium. Those premiums will be much larger than the ones you were paying while you were employed.

Will the unemployed be required to buy health insurance and be penalized if they don't?

Yes, they will be required to buy health insurance but they may be able to avoid at least part of the penalty. Under health reform, a person can go for three months without health insurance and pay no penalty. In addition, there are exceptions to the mandate for people who would have to spend more than eight percent of their income for the lowest cost plan. If you were unemployed for a long period of time, you might qualify for this exception. There is no guidance yet about how a partial penalty might be calculated, if you had coverage for less than nine months.

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