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Google a search for "guaranteed issue" plans and policies online. Depending on the state where you live, these limited benefit plans can offer you some form of coverage when you don't qualify for traditional plans.

In the state of Florida, these type of plans will become available in January 2009. Google a search for "Cover Florida" for details.

PCIP is federal health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions. It is inexpensive, about $200/mo depending on your age. Eligibility and premiums are not based on income.

State assigned risk (guaranteed issue) plans cost $600-1000/mo. FL and TN have plans that are inexpensive, but have extremely low annual and lifetime maximums of $10K and 25K.

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Q: What health insurance company will insure a person with a pacemaker?
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AXA PPP is a health insurance company. It provides various types of diffrent packages of health insurance on diffrent levels. They are able to insure an individual or a comapines employees.

What benefits should health insurance for a small company offer for its employees?

You should work with a health insurance broker to find the best plan for your company. It depends on the number of people you hire, the company you decide to insure through, and a number of other factors.

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Does a health insurance company have to issue you insurance even if you refuse to sign the medical info release form?

No. If you refuse to let them see your medical records, they don't have to insure you.

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Hard to insure homeowners insurance could mean that you have poor credit or represent high risk to a homeowners insurance company.

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no it will not

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