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The single largest factor in Amelia becoming famous was her husband George Putnam. He was very influential in publishing and organising publicity for Amelia.


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no one helped Amelia Earhart, not that I know of

Many different people helped Amelia. Her husband was a great supporter, emotionally and financially. Many other aviators, famous in there own right, helped plan her flights.

Amelia was brave and very determined to achieve fame.

She died on July 2nd 1937. Hope I helped!:)

In large part, Amelia Earhart supported herself with public appearances and promotions such as Amelia Earhart luggage. Her husband, George Palmer Putnam, helped her promote herself so she could afford to keep flying. She was self-reliant and did not want to be dependent on her husband.

Yes, she helped form the women's flying group, 99's.

George Putnam, eventually her husband, was undoubtedly Amelia's biggest and most enthusiastic supporter. You could literally say he made her famous.

Amelia Earhrt appears to have been a tomboy. She loved to do the things that the boys were doing and she always proved that girls can do anything that the boys can do. hope that helped. :)

Amelia Earhart was 20 years old I think! But not sure...I am doing a report on her though...amazing her! ( as an idol--sort-of-love) :PHope that helped!

His brother, Ron Disney, helped him become famous

She donated her red Lockheed Vega 5, the 'Little Red Bus' to a Museumshe helped with tecnoligy

Who helped Mozart to become famous

I'm assuming that you mean her birth/death dates, so here you go.Born: 1897Disappeared: 1937Hope I helped! ^//^

No, although she is one of the most know. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, with many other accomplishments. She changed the way the world looked at women. We can thank her for all the things women can do today. She might not of been the one to personally change this but I would say she helped.

she went to a acting school and they herd her acting they helped her to become famous

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She experienced many 'important events' in flying , both herself and in meeting many famous pilots of the 20's. She was flown by Frank Hawks, later a prolific speed record breaker, knew many famous women aviators and was helped by Bernt Balchen in many ventures.

Hugh Hefner helped his as well did the military

i am sorry but i do not know. i just had a bagel with cream cheese and ham......yum. i do like that stuff. i am bored. right now i am doing a report on Amelia Earhart and i need to know how she got the money to buy her plaine. and my computer doesnt have spell check so it is kinda hard. A great book for Amelia Earhart is Flying Ace by Angela Bull it tells you what inspired her to fly her childhood family all things you need to know ecept how she got her plaine.... i hope i helped you and brightened your day.See you soonNerual IWow that answer stinks. I think it was in 1922 but I might be wrong. -Maddie G.

She helped kill pesticides and she was cool.

She was struggling to become famous. Hope this helped

He helped justin to become famous

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