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The rivers in the fertile crescent and the proliferation of edible grains made the fertile crescent fertile.

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Q: What helped make the Fertile Crescent fertile?
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What is the relation of the Fertile Crescent to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

The rivers make the Fertile Crescent fertile.

Why is the area called the fertile crescent?

because it is shaped like a crescent and all the rivers around it make it really rich in soil or in other words fertile, hence the fertile crescent.

The Fertile Crescent is located in?

The Fertile Crescent is located in the Middle East. It is Southwest of Iran, South of Turkey, and North of Saudi Arabia. Parts of Syria and Iraq make up the Fertile Crescent.

Why did civilization first develop in the Fertile Crescent?

the rivers of the crescent-shaped region helped to make it one of the best places in southwest Asia for growing crops. Also, the reason being is that the Fertile Crescent rich in natural resources.

What asian countries make up the Fertile Crescent?

The Fertile Crescent is in the current countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, and Jordan.

Did people make ziggurats in the Fertile Crescent?


What countries make up the Fertile Crescent?

The Fertile Crescent is entirely in Southwest Asia. It is in the current countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, and Jordan.

What modern countries make up the Fertile Crescent?


How did ancient farmers in the Fertile Crescent make their land productive?

Ancient farmers in the Fertile Cresent made their land more productive by using the Tigris and Euphrates River to make land more fertile

What 2 rivers help make up the Fertile Crescent?

Tigris and Euphrates

What did king Hammurabi make to contribute to the development of the fertile crescent?

A code of law

What two rivers in the middle east make up the Fertile Crescent?

The Tigris and the Euphrates

Purpose for the rivers in the Fertile Crescent?

to make farming soil good for the ancient Egyptian people

Country that currently occupies are of anciant Fertile Crescent?

No one country occupies the entire crescent. The fertile crescent stretched from the Nile River to Mesopotamia. Thus the countries that make up that area today include Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Kuwait. You might be able to make an argumant for Iran as well.

How did the Phoenician alphabet make trade easier throghout the Mediterranean and Fertile Crescent regions?

it was easier to communicate.

Why did the early humans migrate eastward to the Fertile Crescent rather than north to Europe?

Well, the humans wanted good supplies, and the Fertile Crescent was there. The Fertile Crescent is an area at the end/beginning of the Nile River that generated FABULOUS soil for crops. The only hardships were that there are shortages of wood, metal and stone. So, it was really hard to make shelter with grass dirt and bushes.

How do you make a sentence with fertile?

There were a lot fertile soil in our back yard.

How do you make dogs more fertile?

how can i help my dog to be more fertile

What hardships might the shortages have caused for the people who lived at fertile crescent?

They won't have any materials to use to make weapons.

Did the abundance of food grown in the Fertile Crescent produce silt?

Chemical weathering of rocks and other methods make silt.

The area known as the Fertile Crescent is bordered by what three seas?

The Fertile Crescent's borders are largelly on land as it sits within the borders of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. But the Meaditeranean Sea, the Gulf of Acaba (the right side of the upper Red Sea) and the Persian Gulf do make up part of the Crescent's perimiter.

Why did civilization first appear in the fertile crescent?

The ascent of 'civilized' society had much to do with the change from hunting and gathering for food to agriculture. As it happens, the first known people to make that change were Natufian tribes who lived in the area that is now Israel and Lebanon. The sedentary lifestyle, the switch to agriculture and the building of villages and later on of cities spread from there, and into the fertile crescent for the very reason that is WAS fertile and very suitable for agriculture.

How does the Nile river provides fertile soil in Egypt?

the Nile river would flood annually which made Egypt extremely fertile GO BEARS 3-0CHEESE MONKEYThe Nile River helped to make Egypt fertile by helping to produce fertile rich soil.

Can you make a sentence using the word fertile?

The fertile soil was good for planting seeds.

What can be done to make soil more fertile?

You should rotate your crops. it helps it be fertile.

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