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Q: What hemisphere is the Virgin Islands in?
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Is Virgin Islands National Park in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere?

get a globe, find virgin ISLANDS, then find the EQUATOR. if these islands are above the equator its the northern hemishphere, if the islands are below the equator then it is the southern hem.

What is the major religion in the Virgin Islands?

British Virgin islands: methodist 33 % U.S. Virgin islands: baptist 42 %

Which of the Virgin Islands is best for vacation?

Opinions may vary, but in my view:In the US Virgin Islands: St JohnIn the British Virgin Islands: Virgin Gorda

What is the capital of the the virgin island?

the capital of the virgin islands is charlotte amalie

Did the vikings ever land on the Virgin Islands?

If Vikings went in the Virgin Islands, They wouldn't be Virgin!

Are the virgin islands north or south of the british virgin islands?


Are the virgin islands in the Caribbean?

Yes the virgin islands are in the Caribbean sea

Which hemisphere are the cayman islands in?

The Cayman Islands are located in the Southern Hemisphere.

What languages are spoken in the Virgin Islands?

If you meant the U.S. Virgin Islands, click here.If you meant the British Virgin Islands, click here.If you meant the Spanish Virgin Islands, click here.

What is the Virgin Islands national bird?

United States Virgin Islands - Bananquit British Virgin Islands - Mourning Dove

When was the Virgin Islands established?

Christopher Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands for Europeans in 1493.

What continent do the British Virgin Islands belong?

Depending on which islands you mean. There are the U.S.(North America) Virgin Islands. Or there's the British Virgin Islands.