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Johnsongrass is considered to be a noxious or toxic weed within its immediate environment. Typical herbicides used to control the plant are Roundup Ultra, Accent, Beacon, Poast HC, Assure II, Bugle, Fusilade DX, and Fusion.

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Q: What herbicide kills Johnson grass?
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What herbicide kills Bermuda grass but not Saint Augustine grass?


What herbicide kills everything except Bermuda grass?

an AK-47

What herbicide kills Saint Augustine grass but not marathon grass?

too many big words!

What product kills grass and not shrubs?

A product called Gallant NF herbicide. You can spray a grassy shrubbery and it only kills grasses

Can weed killer kill grass?

Yes, weed killers can kill grass. This happens when the herbicide kills non-selectively on contact.

What will eliminate Bahia grass from a lawn?

an herbicide called cimarron by Dow kills bahia. good luck.

What type of grass kills plants?

one type of grass that kills plants can be Johnson farm grass. they have poisonous roots to plants but not humans.

What kills the trees?

Fire and Herbicide .

What can you do to get your graSS Back after you have killed it with to much herbicide?

Grass seed

What are three kinds of weed killer?

There is a selective herbicide that only kills weeds and there is an unselective herbicide which kills everything it comes into contact with and I am not sure about the third one.

Is there a herbicide to kill grass but not junipers?


What herbicide kills Johnson grass but not Bermuda grass?

Drive, I am guessing MSMA or DMSA ( monosodium methanearsonate, disodium methanearsonate). These herbicides are very effective in such control. Unfortunately, the federal government has seen fit to ban their production. As I understand, homeowner applications have already been banned, and this will be the last year for commercial use.

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