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What herbs can you grow in winter?

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How do you get a white herb in harvest moon ds?

White Herbs grow randomly in the fields around town. But only in Winter.

Is there a plant that grows in the winter?

All coniferous trees, deciduous trees, and many shrubs are perennials that live through the winter. They are dormant through the winter and grow during the spring and summer. Garden plants, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers grow in spring and summer, though there are some vegetables that may grow during the winter with special care or in a greenhouse.

What herbs grow in UAE?

During winter pretty much anything that grows in Europe or the States. In summer though the range is limited to a few hardy herbs such as Perennial Basil, Sage, Mint (although they can only be grown in the shade). Herbs such as Lavender whcih do not tolerate high humidity do not grow in the summer months, while more tender herbs are simply burnt by the sun and wind (in summer).

What herbs grow in the sand?

Any plant will grow in the sand if it is watered (mechanically, if need be) according to the plants needs. If you mean "what herbs grow in the sand naturally?" .... I have seen Datura aka jimsonweed grow in the sand... of course there are lots of herbs on this list. Also, did you mean medicinal herbs?

Do apples grow in winter?

yes apples grow in the winter if you try to grow an apple in the summer it will not grow apples only grow in the winter

Where do you get herbs on Harvest Moon DS?

Herbs grow randomly in the fields around town.

Why do castle gardens grow herbs?

to eat them

Does grass grow in the winter?

yes,grass grow in the winter.

Do tulips grow in winter?

Some Tulips can grow in the winter

What kind of tree do bananas grow on?

Bananas do not grow on trees. The plant bananas grow on are herbs.

Which herbs or plants grow in the river?

Plants such as tamarisk shrub grow in rivers.

Can coffee grounds help herbs grow?

Yes, coffee grounds can help herbs grow. They deliver nitrogen, which is a macro-nutrient necessary for healthy soil and soil food web members (such as herbs and other plants).

Do trees grow quick in winter?

No trees don't grow in winter

What herbs or spices that bacteria can't grow on?


What herbs make male breast grow?


What plants grow on mountains?

The few plants that grow are herbs , shrubs andm aples.

How do you grow petunias in winter?

To grow petunias in winter, they would have to be taken inside.

Why can't plants grow in winter?

they need sunlight to grow which in winter you don't get.,

Do oak trees grow in winter?

does an oak tree grow in winter

What is the difference between annual herbs and perennial herbs?

Annual herbs require to be sown every year as they grow and die in one year. Perrennial herbs sprout evry year from a permenant base.

Do sunflowers grow in summer or winter?

Only little sunflowers grow in winter. Most sunflowers grow in summer.

What can you grow in Winter on Howrse?

During winter you can only grow if you have a greenhouse. You can grow anything in the greenhouse except for passes.

How do you make dreads grow faster?

when dreads are mature they grownutrition and herbs can help slightly

Are sweet potatoes classified as herb?

no because they grow under ground. herbs do not grow underground

Do hair and nails grow faster in the winter months?

Yes they grow faster in the winter:)