What herbs grow faster then flowers?

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peppermint grows like a weed and overtakes the area.
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Do vegetables or flowers grow faster?

Answer . All vegetables start out as seeds from the fruits of flowers that the vegetables themselves make. The flowers grow very fast in their rush to become pollinated in order to make seeds that will reproduce the species. That is why they grow faster than the vegetables that they come from. Ve ( Full Answer )

Do herbs and wildflowers grow in ravines?

No, but if nursing woman eat fresh dandelion leafs (as a salad) that will increase amount of the milk and breast will appear larger for short period of time.

Where can you sell herbs that you grow?

Much depends on where you live and the amount you are growing. A very good outlet is the Farmer's Market. There is usually a web site for the local market with their particular rules, the schedule, etc. In our area there are six markets a week, none of which are at the same time.. Get a table and a ( Full Answer )

What herbs grow in the sand?

Answer . Any plant will grow in the sand if it is watered (mechanically, if need be) according to the plants needs.. If you mean "what herbs grow in the sand naturally?" .... I have seen Datura aka jimsonweed grow in the sand... of course there are lots of herbs on this list.. Also, did you me ( Full Answer )

How do you grow faster?

Sleep longer, as I has experienced myself many times. I got up one morning, and shaved my beard, and then went back asleep. When I woke up, I had a bit of stubble, though I had only fallen asleep for about an hour! Trust me, it works, for I know how to sleep in! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When I ( Full Answer )

How can you grow faster?

the only way to grow faster is to not be upset or exercise i recommend exercise is the best way because when you exercise your body grow larger and longer if you want to grow slowly eat cherry's every 20 cherry's is a year of extra life

Does miracle grow make flowers grow faster?

Yes as it contains a lot of Nitrogen. and it has more chemicals so that the plants will be fed and you won't need worms to help it stay fresh like you would with regular dirt!

What can you do to grow faster?

well, to make your HAIR grow faster, i suppose you would just need to keep it healthy. If you have really thick, curly maybe frizzy hair, you would need to wash it regularly, and keep it healthy and clean. If you have thin straight hair, and its short then again, you would need to keep it healthy, b ( Full Answer )

What herbs are easy to grow?

Oregano. Perhaps the easiest. Once a sprig is planted you should have a border of some type to help stop it from spreading. It does grow like a bush and would need pruning if you like. This fine herb will actually be infestatious if not watched when growing, claiming lawn if nearby. It can be watere ( Full Answer )

Does herbs grow hair?

Certain vitamins and minerals do help in the growth of hair. You can purchase supplements at any local grocery store nowadays, along with pharmacies and special health stores such as GNC. According to this link on Advicenators: http://www.advicenators.com/qview.php?q=548401 these specific v ( Full Answer )

Can you make a flower grow faster?

Meet the plant's demands for light, nutrients and minerals, water and resting periods and you will optimize its growth.

Do dark flowers grow faster than light colored flowers?

I think that dark colored flowers are more healthier than light colored flowers. They might grow slower than light colored flowers because dark colored flowers have more chlorophyll, so that might take some time. Email me at manasingh97@yahoo.com for more help on this topic.

What herbs can grow in direct sunlight?

My favourite herbs for direct sunlight are thyme, there are four or five cultivars that are great additions to a garden (both as an ornamental and a culinary herb), rosemary both the upright & prostrate type, chives, French tarragon, and oregano (this also comes in many cultivars).

When to grow chive herb?

Chive is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It is a perennial plant that will thrive in average soil and sunlight. You should plant it initially in the early spring and allow it to establish itself in the area you want it to grow. There after it will sprout each year at the most appropriate time for ( Full Answer )

Which grows faster a flower or a fruit?

It depends of the kind of the flower and the fruit.Normaly the flower grows faster because it doesn't need very much sun or too much atention.The fruit is more difficult because it needs a lot of sun to ripen

Why do you grow herbs?

so you dont have to go to the store & buy some and they taste good.. We grow herbs because they are vital to the planet. The can be part of delicate food webs that sustain ecosystems. Also, herbs are EXTREMELY important to medicine, people use them as natural remedies to cure sickness, injury, infe ( Full Answer )

What are best herbs to grow in the shade?

I'm not really an expert, but some herbs that grow in the shade are : . Herbs that Herbs that can grow other plants that. grow in partial shade in very shady places, like grow in the shade. beside a tree. Angelica Anise hyssop Honey berry Bergamont Wild ginger leafy vegetables Ch ( Full Answer )

How can you make your moshling flowers grow faster?

if you have a really happy monster, you get really fast-growing moshling flowers. one way to get the monster really happy is if you go on moshling boshling on main street in the picnic basket, keep playing the 1st level, you'll get 30 rox each time. then after you get a certain amount of 30 x rox ( Full Answer )

How do you make your flowers grow faster on Moshi Monsters?

The amount of growing time for seeds on Moshi Monsters depends onthe health and happiness of your pet monster. If your pet monsterhas full health and happiness, then it will only take 5 hours. Ifyour monster's health and happiness are low or your pet is sick,then it will take 6 hours for the seeds t ( Full Answer )

How do you get your flowers to grow faster on Moshi Monsters?

The amount of growing time for seeds on Moshi Monsters depends on the health and happiness of your pet monster. If your pet monster has full health and happiness, then it will only take 4 to 6 hours. If your pet is sick, then it will take a longer time for the seeds to grow into flowers.

What flowers grow faster?

I really dont know but that is a good answer maybe this summer I should see it and try that experiment but that is a good queston though thanks for answering that though....

Witch flower grows faster rose or a daffodil?

The rose and the daffodil are two different plants, even thoughthey are both flowering dicots. The rose is a woody perennial andthe daffodil is a herbaceous perennial. The herbaceous plant willalways grow faster than the woody one, and the daffodil will have ashort growth/flowering period, followed ( Full Answer )

Do flowers grow faster with salt or not?

flowers do not grow faster with salt water because if it is to salty or u put to much in the plant it will die so i think it will grow faster in regular water.

When is the best season to grow herbs?

Best season is probably spring or fall, however each herb has it'sown favorite times. Some, like rosemary, like it hot, while others,like chives, like it cool.

Is a lavender a flower or herb?

Lavender is both a flower and a herb. It is used as a herbal filler in sachets between clothes as a fragrance and in scented waters

Does dried herbs grow mold?

Eventually everything will grow mold unless you somehow manage to prevent any water from getting to them.

Is an herb a flower?

Herbs are plants and most, if not all, produce a flower. Some are quite showy and some are quite small. Some herbal flowers are used to make sachets and to flavor foods.

What herbs make hair grow faster?

i dont know what herb makes hair grow longer but i did hear the coconut oil makes hair grow 2x fast!

How do you get your flowers to grow faster on Moshie monster?

Your monster has to be completely healthy so it has to be 999 for health and happiness. Do that and your flowers will grow faster than a monster with 0 for health and happiness. Happy monsters flowers grow faster that sick monsters. If your monster is healthy it will take exactly 6 hours if your m ( Full Answer )

How do you make flowers grow faster moshi mosters?

if your pet is happy it takes less time than if its unhappy the deference is about 2 hrs. so play with your pet lots! by the way add me! my name is: 1si0si1 oh and to become a member for free: i heard a rumor a fee weeks ago that if you plant 3 silly peppers or 3 dragon fruits you get a golden egg w ( Full Answer )

How did they grow herbs in the middle ages?

Such herbs as thyme, rosemary, fennel, chives, dill, and mint were grown in many places in Europe as a part of the production of ordinary farms and estates. Medicinal herbs tended to be grown in monasteries and by physicians. The details of growing the herbs were very much as they are today.

How do you make your flowers in your moshling garden grow faster?

you don't..... you plant the seeds and all you can do is wait. But if you plant them before you go to bed and then you check on it as soon as you wake up you might have a moshling. But you have to be careful cause sometimes your flowers turn to rox trees and you can't get a moshling with those.

Can a flower grow faster by music?

this isn't a proved theory but it never hurt anyone to try it. Mythbusters did an episode on it where they tested the theory, they tried different types of music and also tried talking to them like talking nice and softly to talking mean to the plants. in the end the test showed that the plants that ( Full Answer )

Do herbs help your breasts grow?

I'm afraid not. Try the following guideline: "if something makes superb medical claims (e.g enlarging something, major weightloss etc...) , but is not being used in mainstream "medicine", then it is guarenteed not to work". i.e If there was a herb that enlarged your breasts, many people would be usi ( Full Answer )

What herbs grow with ferns?

Ferns and herbs do not grow in the same situations. Ferns grow in full to lightly shaded areas with moist rich organic soil while most herbs are Mediterranean based and prefer sunny areas with quick draining sandy soil. Planting these herbs in the same areas as ferns will have them rotting and dying ( Full Answer )

Is pansy flower a herb?

No, it is an annual bedding flower. However, it's FLOWERS (not the leaves) are edible.

What herbs grow in UAE?

During winter pretty much anything that grows in Europe or theStates. In summer though the range is limited to a few hardy herbssuch as Perennial Basil, Sage, Mint (although they can only begrown in the shade). Herbs such as Lavender whcih do not tolerate high humidity do notgrow in the summer mont ( Full Answer )

How do you plant and grow mint herbs?

The best way is to take a small cutting including some root from anestablished mint plant and plant the cutting in compost or soil ina pot, planter or garden, water it in and watch it grow.