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What high school classes do you need to become a vet?


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you need to take classes on Biology, science, math and chemistry you need to make good grades because this isn't a joke it is a difficult job or career to work with.

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Answer: you need to take zoology in high school if you want to become a zoologist :)

No high school classes, other then your core classes (math, reading, etc.) are required for a profession after high school

you need to take every literature classes writting and arithmacy

you need to pass all the classes even foods class

You dont have to worry about taking any classes to be a lawyer in middle school,you need to wait until high school.

The classes taken in high school to not matter. The classes you take in college really don't matter that much either. You just need to get into law school where you get your legal education.

you need to take al of the important classes like AVID

You need a high school diploma to get into college, which is required to become a doctor. It is also important that your grades in high school be as high as possible, and taking science and math classes is a definite plus.

It is a good idea to take communications classes in high school if you want to be a fashion editor. You should also take home economics classes as well.

In the US, the high school classes do not matter. What matters is how you did with your grades in getting a bachelor's degree.

A heavy course of study in English will help.

take as many advanced math classes in high school, You also need math through calculus

You need to have atleast 2 years of college classes mostly science.

To become a nurse, you need to study nursing in a community college or four-year university. Studying biology and chemistry in high school will help you prepare for your nursing classes in college.

If they have any classes on Sociology, Psychology, Current Issues, or anything do do with law.

In all honesty, high school classes don't really matter. Just get all the basics (math, science, etc) and you should be fine.

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You need to take science classes like anatomy chemistry, biology, human anatomy.

take cooking classes and then find a good colledge to study in the culinary arts division.

Your High School classes only have a value in gaining you admission to a college.

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