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Q: What high school courses do you take to become a makeup artist?
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What is the best school to become a makeup artist?

One of the best schools is Kendall College in Grand Rapids. THere are many cosmetology schools in the U.S. If you just take the time to look around, then you should be able to find a school to become a makeup artist.

Where can I makeup artist school ?

go to education's administration, art department, they will till you about what is the most suitable makeup artist school to your region and your abilities.

How long do you have to go to school to be a makeup artist?

For becoming a makeup artist I would not go to a cosmetology school, but a makeup school. Many cosmetology students are dissapointed with the little makeup they actually learn. European School of Makeup in LA has great 3 month programs.

Do you have to have expierience to become an makeup artist?

you can go to school and that will be your experience or if you want to work in a department store sometimes they will give you training

How many years of school to be a makeup artist?

29 years

Do you need a college degree to become a makeup artist?

No. What you need is training at a beauty school and to take a state test. The school is 6-9 months long.

How many years in college does it take to be a makeup artist?

I would recommend going to a serious makeup school that focuses on makeup,like European School of Makeup, E.S.M. Really

Who is lord Voldemort's makeup artist?

Emily Lyons. (age 11) she was the youngest makeup professional to ever graduate from makeup school.

How do I learn how to correctly apply make up?

If you are in school to become a makeup artist, then your classes and instructors are your best resource. Always have fun and be creative with it and you will succeed.

Where is the top makeup artist school?

its recommended to choose the makeup school in Los Angeles. i know a very old makeup school in Los Angeles, which is offering hands on education in makeup artistry and different kind of makeup courses. To whom want make a bright glowing career in beauty and makeup industry they must visit EI (Elegance International) based in the heart of Hollywood. Visit their website for more information EI - School of Professional Makeup Thank You! Answer- Make up artist is a glamorous career option. Look at here for list of some top make artist schools: . Generally short term certificate or diploma programs are sufficient for making a career as a make up artist.

What high school courses would you take for becoming an artist?


Do you have to go to college to become a artist?

Most makeup artists work on brides. In a lot of states - mine is one of them - you need either a Cosmetology license or an esthetics license to legally earn money as a makeup artist. And to get either one, you must go to beauty school.

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