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running back because you can plow through everybody or quarterback My son also says running back, because of the potential for greater speed and the ability to get lower than other players.


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Anyone you choose! - Most coaches would have you on the line

It depends on your age. If your 12-14 you should be a lineman, if your 15 or older you should be AA saftie

If you can put on 30 to 40 pounds of muscle you can play running back

You should play wide receiver because your tall and you could catch the ball over most people trying to guard you

If your fast, you can use your height to your advantage and play wide receiver, or Defensive back on defense.

Whichever one you are good at. You are going to grow in High School, hone your skills at all positions and see which one you like or are best at.

if yoiu are fast corner, saftey, running back maybe fullback haha dont matter as long as you lace people

your tall and your pretty light. you should be a wide receiver

if you were to be this height and playing on jv then you would probobly be a running back or a free safety ( depending on how fast you are)

middle linebacker, i am 13 as well and was a going to be a mlb and i got beat out by some guy who weighs 190. coach said he great for the position because unnaturally large for middle school football player. plus he like a truck against the smaller players. you should be similar.

In 7th grade you would probably be an offensive or defensive lineman.

Your best bet would be to try running back, or Corner back

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