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If you were still in High School, I would recommend joining a Vo-Tech program, most have a fashion or cosmology program. Otherwise art, then find a trade/specialty school.

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Q: What high school or college classes will you need to take if you want to work in fashion design?
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What high school classes do you have to take in order to pursue your career in fashion design?

Any fashion or design class, as well as business classes. Although it really doesn't matter what classes you take in high school because your going to get all of your education for fashion design in college. It is highly unlikely that you will have a career in fashion design if you only have a high school diploma.but if you want to you can take art, self-marketing, textile development, or any classes like that.:]

What kind of education do I need for a career in fashion designing?

Fashion designers start by taking fashion and design classes in high school. The go on to obtain a fine arts degree in fashion or atten a fashion design school.

Where can fashion be studied?

Colleges that offer majors in fashion design and merchandising include: Philadelphia University Parsons School of Design Savannah College of Art and Design FIT FIDM Cazenovia College Centenary College

How many years in college for fashion designing and photography?

For fashion design and photography, a person may need to go to school for 2-3 years. This can depend on how many classes they choose to take at a time.

What is NSFAD?

National School Of Fashion Arts & Design - NSFAD offers Fashion Technology Courses in Bangalore India... Fashion College Bangalore, Fashion Arts & Design College Bangalore, Fashion Schools in Bangalore, MBA College in Bangalore, MBA & MCA Evening and Distance College in Bangalore India

What major would a fashion designer have?

Well I think it would depend on the college but if you were attending a fashion college, the major would be fashion design but a four-year or a community college might have it under a different name. A great fashion college for fashion design is (FIDM)The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA. The school has years and years of experience in the fashion industry and many famous fashion designers graduated from FIDM.

What subjects need for an interior design course?

If you're asking the classes you should take to get into interior design school, all the art and business classes you can talke while in high school will help. If you're looking for a great interior design college, FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA is a great interior design college! The school has a great reputation and an awesome career center. If you want more information on FIDM's interior design program, check out their website :)and visit interior designing site.

What is the most famous college or institute of fashion in Italy?

Polimoda, the International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, is considered one of the best fashion and design schools in Europe and definitely the leader in fashion and marketing education in Italy. The fashion school in Italy holds high quality classes in Florence, Italy ranging undergraduate courses to Masters level specialization programs to summer courses, in the areas of Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising courses.

When was Pakistan School of Fashion Design created?

Pakistan School of Fashion Design was created in 1995.

what is the most famous fashion school in the world?

There are 2 schools rated as top fashion design schools: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of Westminster in London and Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for Design, New York City.

How can you be a fashion designer?

You could go to college and do a fashion design course or you could go to a university like central saint martins and study fashion design. you don't have to go to a a fashion design school to become a fashion designer but it is incredibly hard to do so. hope my answer helps xxx

How much does it cost to attend parson fashion design school?

How much does fashion design school cost

What colleges are best for fashion design?

In terms of the best college for fashion design, I would say FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA is a great fashion college. My friends graduated from FIDM and they rave about the school and their fashion programs. FIDM is actually known for their fashion design program all around the world. A lot of famous fashion designers graudated from FIDM which is pretty cool and says a lot about their fashion design program. Check out their websiteif you want more information:) Good luck! Or the F.I.T. (Fashion Institutes of Technoligy)

What qualifications would you need for a Fashion Designer?

Well I would say a desire to design and a eye for creativity and trends for sure but also attending a fashion college will go a LONG way and I'm sure a lot of fashion design jobs require that you have a degree from a fashion college. If you're researching fashion colleges, look into FIDM. I have friends who graduated from that school and they really loved it and told me that FIDM has a very well known fashion design program and that a lot of famous fashion designers graduated from that school. Good luck!

What is the tuition at the fashion design school?

The tuition can vary depending on where you attend college and the location of the school. For the fashion design program at FIDM, the tuition is around $28,000 a year. College is expensive no matter where you go so just go where you want and pick the school that has the best program and it will all pay off in the end :)

Is the fashion institute of fashion design and merchandising private or public?

To answer your question, FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is a private college. The fashion college specializes in the fashion, entertainment and interior design industuries. It's a great school for people who are interested in studying anything fashion or enteratainment related. Many famous people in the industry graduated from FIDM which says a lot about the school. They also have an awesome career center which has helped many students to get internships and even volunteer at many fashion shows and other fashion related events.

How do fashion designers design clothes?

== == == == == == Fashion designers go to fashion school and learn from there, but most fashion designers are creative to design clothes.

What subject can you take in high school to prepare for fashion design?

In some schools, you have the option of taking a fashion design course, or a sewing course at the least. I'm not sure what is available to you, but you could ask teachers or whoever runs your schedule about fashion classes. Hope this helps!

What are some classes you can take in high school to prepare you for fashion designer career?

Any art class you take in high school will be extremely helpful for fashion design. Drawing, Painting, Crafts and Sculpting are all great. If your school offers a specific fashion course that would be better.

What math classes are needed to be a design engineer?

In high school and roughly the first 3 years of college . . . as many as you can get.

What are the advantages to art design school?

I'm sure it depends on which design school you selected. Virtually all art schools have programs in graphic design and general design concepts that could be useful in fashion design but not all art schools have specific fashion design courses. I would try and find a school that has a fashion design curriculum.

What is a nice fashion design college?

FIDM, which stands for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is located in Los Angeles and I've heard they have a very well known fashion design program. If you love the city, then you'll love downtown LA where the school is located. I have friends who graduated from FIDM and they not only loved the school, but they loved LA and visiting the fashion district frequently. A lot of famous fashion designers graduated from FIDM which says a lot about the school and the school has great connections with the fashion industry as well. Hope this helps :) Good luck!

How long is fashion design school?

Well it depends on where you attend fashion college. FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA has two year associates programs, professional designation degree programs (for people who already have a college degree) and you could even pursue your bachelor of science in business management degree! FIDM has a great fashion program that is very well known around the world. A lot of famous fashion designers graduated from FIDM which says a lot about the school and their fashion design program. Check out their website if you want more information.

Which fashion college receives the most respect from the fashion industry?

There are several leading fashion schools. Many of the top fashion schools are overseas including Istituto Marangoni. Some of the top fashion design schools include Parsons The New School for Design and Pratt Institute, both located in NY. Some others are Drexel University in PA and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in CA.

Which is the best design school in India?

Best Design school in India: WLC College India Exterior Interior Limited Pearl Academy International Institute of Fashion Design Vistas Academy Jagan Institute of Management Studies