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What historic claims do both Palestinians and Jews make to the land of Palestine?


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Palestine has always been Jewish land, the Israelites living in Jerusalem and Jaffa (now tel-Aviv), Tyre and Sidon etc. But after the Crusades, many Jewish slaves went to Europe with their masters. When they were liberated, they stayed. During the Islamic era, the people living in Palestine were separated into Jews, Christians and Muslims. Eventually the other religions thinned out and the majority of the Palestinian population became Muslim (the group we recognize today as Palestine is entirely Muslim, but evidently it has not always been so). After the Holocaust, the Allies felt the Jews should be united in their original home, but it was occupied by the Palestinians. The Allied powers essentially kicked the Palestinians out of Palestine, put the Jews in and called it Israel. -But don't quote me, this isn't my era of speciality.


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The Balfour Declaration promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine subject to the rights of the Palestinians.

Israel is the homeland of the Jews, and Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians. (However, there are people on both sides who disagree with this statement.)

The Jews claim that the land dates back to 3,000 years when Jewish kings ruled the regions from Jerusalem. To Palestinians, the land had belonged to them since most, but not all, Jews were driven out around A.D. 135. Islam spread in the 7th century and quickly became the dominant region.

This question is based on a mistaken assumption. Most Jews do not call Israel Palestine and instead call it Israel. The only Jews who call Israel Palestine are those Jews who are anti-Zionist and therefore believe that the Palestinians should have the land.

In 1948, Jews didn't have a country, so they invaded Palestine, killed many Palestinians, and forced many out. The Jews then changed the name of Palestine to Israel.

The Palestinians were. When European jews began to look for a "homeland" they also considered Uganda & Argentine as possible locations.

It's not they want to kill Jews it's that's israel and palestine are on a forever going on war over land and the majority of people in Palestine are Muslims and in Israel are Jews. So some now see it as a war of religions

The dominant conflict in Palestine is between Israelis (who are predominantly Jewish) and Palestinians (who are predominantly Muslim), but the conflict is a political one, not a religious one.

They are fighting over land. Israel occupies Historic Palestine, a holy land for not only Jews, but Muslims and Christians as well. The State of Palestine does not want Israelis or Jews in this land, and wants it for the indigenous Palestinian People exclusively. In addition, the area Israel now occupies what was the British Mandate of Palestine until the end of World War II, when Israel declared independence, pursuant to UN Resolution 181.

The question is based on an incorrect supposition, namely that "Palestine" means "home of the Jews". Palestine was the Roman name for the territory and referred to the Philistines, who had been historic enemies of the Jewish Kingdoms in the area. The Palestinians use the terms "Palestinian" and "Palestine" because those were the terms used by the colonial forces. Prior to the arrival of British and French colonization of the Levant, people in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria all called themselves "Shamite" which is usually translated as "Greater Syrian". After colonization, each began to identify with the territorial boundaries of the various new mandates.

Zionist Jews in Palestine did volunteer to assist the Allies fighting in Europe. The most famous of these was Palestinian-born Hungarian Jew Hana Senesh, who was captured by the Nazis and tortured to death. However, the Arab Palestinians assisted the British in preventing Jews fleeing from Europe any refuge in the British Mandate of Palestine. Additionally, many Arab Palestinians were pro-Nazi during the period and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was actually forced out of Palestine due to his pro-Nazi activities.

Genocide. Some Jews invaded Palestine and changed the name of that country to Israel. They herded Palestinians into a corner of Palestine called Gaza. Now the Palestinians are repairing the damage after the recent attacks by Israel. They are burying the dead and healing their wounds.

It depends on what you mean by Palestine. If you are referring to the region of Palestine or the former Mandate of Palestine, the connection is that Mandatory Palestine was the Jews' historic homeland. If you are referring to the current Palestinian Territories or the Palestinian Authority, the connection is that Jews formed the State of Israel which is currently engaged in a long conflict with the Palestinian Territories to create a peaceful solution for all citizens.

Berl Locker has written: 'The Jews and Palestine, historical connection and historic right'

During the Roman Rule of the Jewish land Judea, about 2000 years ago, the Romans changed the name of the land to Palestine. So the Jews living there were the Palestinians. Only a century ago, millions of Muslims from the Arab countries moved to Palestine, and called themselves the Palestinians because they wanted to show the world that it's their land, which it isn't.

The Exile of Jews from palestine is known as the Diaspora

Both Jews and Arabs live in the former Mandate of Palestine.In terms of Israel, there are roughly 6.0 million Jews and 1.6 million Arabs.In terms of the Palestinian Territories, there are only Arabs in the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, there are 500,000 Jewish Settlers in comparison to 2.1 million Arab Palestinians.

It's the historic Jewish homeland.It's the equivalent of asking why there are Poles in Poland or Greeks in Greece. Additionally, the Jewish State of Israel is there, which incentivizes Jews to return to the territory.

Israelis are Jews. Palestinians are Arabs.

In 1948, the conflict between the Jews and Palestinians, allied with other Arab nations, was generated by the UN's vote to establish Israel in the former British Mandate area called Palestine. The Palestinians and other Arabs believed that the UN was wrong in its actions and wanted to use force to end the State of Israel. It takes two to make an armed conflict and the Jews wished to keep Israel as their homeland and country.

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

Palestinians feared Jewish immigration because they (correctly) believed it to be the precursor to the establishment of an independent Jewish State. The Jews who settled in the British Mandate of Palestine made their intentions very clear. The Palestinians were afraid that a Jewish state would serve to antagonize them and make their lives worse.

The main exile of Jews from Palestine came in 70 CE. However, there was always a minority of Jews in Palestine until 1950 when they became the majority.

They're not fighting over religion. Religion has nothing to do with it. They're basically fighting over land. The Jews literally came into Palestine and "threw out" the Palestinians because they needed a place to live. So now Palestinians are trying to fight back because they want their land back. The Jews had no right to take their land away from them.

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