What historic development encouraged people to leave their homes and farms to work in mills and earn wages?

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I think you are referring to the Industrial Revolution.
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Did the people of ancient Egypt develop farming?

They did develop farming. Egypt was the earliest Dynasty. I believe it was between 6000-7000 BC. They have no exact date but that's the closest the scientists can get.

How many people work on a farm?

Depends on the size and type of farm and also in many cases it depends on the season. Dairy farms for example need people all year round to milk and spread slurry and feed the cows etc but come summer they either take on extra staff or hire contractors to do the silaging in preparation for the follo ( Full Answer )

Why is organic farming encouraged?

Organic farming is not harmful to the environment, but it is good for the environment. The food from organic farming has no synthetic pesticides and it may be more nutritious due to compost and other nutrients and macro-nutrients being added to the soil.

What factors cause people to leave farming?

One factor that might cause people to leave farming is theinability to make a profit. Another factor that might cause peopleto leave farming might be insolvency through a natural disaster.

What are the sites that offers working and earning from home?

Expect the same process of applying for employment of online jobs as traditional jobs. You submit a resume with application and a job interview. Anyone promising work with no skills that you have to pay for is a scam. The sites that offer work is dependent on your work skills - you apply for jobs yo ( Full Answer )

Why do people leave their homes?

This question is very general, but I will assume you're referring to the "walk-away" phenomenon that has arrisen from the mortgage meltdown.. People are doing something they have not done in recent history, and that is to consider their homes from a business perspective. For people who bought a hom ( Full Answer )

How many people work in a puppy mill at a time?

A puppy mill is any place where an outrageous number of dogs are bred and raised illegally. It is often known as "backyard breeding" because it is done without the knowledge of the city.

How did developments in farming encourage the growth of towns in Europe during the middle ages?

By the time the Middle Ages rolled around farming was really established and so were the towns. Most of the land was not open land, but owned by a noble of the area. This meant that 90% of the population was working for someone and barely living. A thousand years before the fall of the Roman empire ( Full Answer )

Why don't some people earn the minimum wage?

I'm not entirely sure but sometimes they get comission. For example, waiters and waitresses might not necessarily ear minimum wage but for every table they serve they get a tip. Or, if you're a salesperson, you might get a low-based salary but the more you sell, the more comission you get.

Which of these people is most likely to earn a low wage?

Without a list to select from you could make the followingassumptions: . An uneducated person with little or no formal education;possibly even illiterate. . That (generally speaking) the person would be a woman. While point 2 above sounds sexist or discriminatory, it is a factin many third ( Full Answer )

Can you hire people to do your home work?

It is certainly possible to hire people to do your homework, but that defeats the purpose of the homework, which is supposed to be educational. You do not learn anything by having other people study for you. If you have trouble with your homework you can also hire tutors (that is, you can if you hav ( Full Answer )

Which of these people is most likely to earn a low wage job?

Without a list to select from you could make the following assumptions: . An uneducated person with little or no formal education; possibly even illiterate. . That (generally speaking) the person would be a woman. While point 2 above sounds sexist or discriminatory, it is a fact in many thi ( Full Answer )

What do the UAE government do to encourage farming?

They purchase crops back from local farmers at market related prices irrespective of the the quality. They also provide estension services for farmers, free land for local farmers and free fertiliser

Why did people in Italy leave their homes in Italy?

Well Most people left italy after the war because not much people could get jobs in italy when my nonno left italy and came to australia in 1965 he said that the only job he got was looking after cattle and he barley got any money so a lot of people left so they can start a new and better life

How can you earn money by working from home?

When I started working from home online, I tried selling digital products. Most were good products that the marketplace wanted or needed. The problem was I wasn't getting any traffic. And, to top it offIi was spending a lot of money on e-books, courses, and systems to make money from home using my ( Full Answer )

Can you go to work and leave your rabbit at home?

I have a bunny and when ever my family goes somewhere for a whole day we just leave hm in a fenced off area on tile area ( INCASE he pees we don't want it on rug) hes fine the whole time we are gone

How did corporate farms encouraged people to quit farming?

Actually, the truth of the matter is they did no such thing. Youthe consumer (and millions of others like yourself) are the blamefor such things happening because you have chosen, through yourpurchases at the grocery store, for safer and cheaper food products(eggs, meat, and milk). As a result, it b ( Full Answer )

Do people really earn working on line sitting at home?

Of course! All those strang popout ads you've seen are totally true, and you shouldn't use your best judgement. If you believe it, I've got a brridge to sell you. Trust me. It takes years of playing the game right, and making the right moves. It's hard work, and one mishap will ruin any cha ( Full Answer )

What are the earning potentials for legitimate work at home jobs?

You could be a telemarketer or try selling specific items for companies, such as knives, etc. It is evident that the money income will be slightly less than someone out in the work force, however, it will still give you some sort of income.

How much can you earn if you do online work from home?

If you wanted to be a typist you could earn $75 an hour. I have seen the prices range from $20 to $50 an hour. There are different jobs you can choose from whatever you choose is what you will be paid for.

Why do farm labourers work for lower wages?

The minimum wages for a farm labourer set up by the government is Rs 60 per day, but farm labourers gets only Rs 35-40 per day. There is heavy competition for work among the farm labourers in Palampur, so farm labourers agree to work for lower wages.

How can earn more money through online at work home?

There are so many ways available to earn money throughonline .But choosing the right one is difficult.I would suggest youto start reselling business.To start this business,get reselleraccount from Goresellers.com at reasonable price.By gettingreseller account,you can start selling Domains,Hosting pl ( Full Answer )

How can one work from home stuffing envelopes and earn money?

Stuffing envelopes at home as a way to earn money is generally a scam. Most companies that would need this type of thing have a mechanical means to do so. This is a scheme played out time and time again, there are many more fruitful ways to earn money at home and most are internet based.

Do Mormons leave stickers for people when they are not home?

Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) may leave a small pamphlet or card with their contact information if they stop by your home when you are not there, especially if you had previously told them to visit you at that time. These items may be taped ont ( Full Answer )