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what historical experience do Philippines share with Africa


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you will get the experience share when you go into Eterna City, professor Rowans assistant gives it to you.

The Philippines doesn't have any neighbors. The Philippines consists of 7, 107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. The Philippines do not share any land borders.

The exp. share (experience share) is a device that is held by a Pokemon in your party that is not battling, so when the Pokemon battling wins, half of the experience points from that battle go to the exp. share holder and to the battler.

Not they do not share a boundary, they are on opposite sides of Africa.

The share price according to their historical chart was about $30/share

You could share any experience you have had in an call center dealing with travel. Share any specific experience you have had in this area.

You make your Pokemon hold it and it gets experience without battling (if in party) OR it gets double experience in a battle.

The Middle East and North Africa share many cultural and historical similarities. They were often part of the same major empires and are currently almost all Muslim-majority states. Conversely, the culture and history of North Africa contrasts quite strongly with the culture and history of Sub-Saharan Africa.

If by experience shard you mean experience SHARE........ Mr pokémon gives it to you when you talk to him later in the game.

Botswana and South Africa share Namibia's eastern border.

Botswana and South Africa share Namibia's border.

In the Philippines, as many as twelve!

You must get the red scale from the Red GYARADOS in the lake of RAGE where leader Pryce is. Then take the RED SCALE to the Pokemon PROF. He will give you an Experience share in return

As a teacher I utilize textbooks, websites and documentaries to compare and my answers typically reflect the most common answer I find. When the opportunity is available I also utilize personal interviews from those who can share personal experience.

Europe and Africa do not share a border. The Mediterranean Sea is between them, as is part of Asia.

Except maybe for a cheat, the only way is to get an experience share from ruby, emerald, or sapphire (Fire red and Leaf Green works to if you have gotten to the point of the game at helping the guy with the PC) and put it on a Pokemon then trade it into your emerald and the you'll have 2. *note: you'll lose your experience share in the other game you traded it from.

He gives you the Exp. Share, which allows 2 Pokemon (1 of your choosing) to share experience in battle.

Many cultures have superstitious beliefs about comets and asteroids. The Philippines do not seem to share superstitions of comets and asteroids.

You could talk about how you scheduled for executives or a boss in your previous job. It is easy to share if you have had this experience.

he wanted to share his experience!!!!!

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