What holds matter together?

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Great question! 1) Molecules and atoms are held together by electronic attraction - electromagnetism. It is usually considered under the heading of chemical bonding, which is explained by electromagnetic interaction. Electrons are held in their orbits about the nucleus of an atom by the same electromagnetic force. Chemical bonds could be viewed as an extension of that force. Quantum electrodynamics is usually the heading under which these interactions are examined. 2) The nucleus of the atom is composed of protons and neutrons (1H being the line exception). Atomic nuclei (and all those protons that don't like each other and electromagnetically repel) are held together by nuclear binding energy, or nuclear glue. It is derived from or could be seen to be an extension of the strong force. This binding energy comes from what is called mass defecit - the affected neutrons and protons (during the fusion process) give up a bit of their mass and it is converted into this binding energy. The quarks and gluons that compose individual neutrons and protons are understood to be kept together by the strong interaction or strong force. It is usually considered under the heading of quantum chromodynamics. 3) Of course gravity hold planets, stars, galaxies and loose stuff together generally. It is the large-scale organizer of the universe. The electromagnetic force and the strong force and gravity are three of the four fundamental forces of the universe. Only the weak force, which mediates types of nuclear decay (beta decay being the primary example), is not represented. Wikipedia has more information, and links are provided.
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Is matter held together by electricity?

The short answer is no. Although matter is affected by electrostatic forces of attraction, no current is flowing and thus it does not fit the definition of electricity (a term for the variety of phenomena resulting from the presence and flow of electric charge).

What holds our solar system together?

Motion and mutual gravitational attraction. Another Perspective: Gravity is the only thing required, which is fortunate because it's the only thing there is.

What holds the sun together?

Gravity : Hydrostatic Equilibrium - compression due to gravity is balanced by a pressure gradient force in the opposite direction.

What forces hold the sun together?

The sun is just a huge ball of hydrogen and helium. The heat created on the sun is from billions of hydrogen atoms smelting together to helium atoms. All these atoms are held together by the gravity.

What force holds NaCl together?

It is the electromagnetic force as it is expressed in what is called an ionic chemical bond that holds individual molecules of table salt (NaCl) together.

What holds ionic bonds together?

In an ionic bond one element is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. The force keeping these molecules together is the electrostatic attraction between a negative and positive charge.

What holds the electrons and the nucleus together?

strong nuclear force. The nucleus is held together by both the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. The electron is bond to the nucleus by electro-static forces.

What holds stars together?

The mass of a star holds it together. The gravity of the massatomically draws it toward the middle of the star.

What holds a sedimentary rock together?

Little Grains that have been in the ground and have been cemented there for a long period of time...... By the way, why you looking up the answers? You shouldn't be. Go tell you teacher of what you have done, I mean it. LOL well that's the answers but stop cheating.

What bonds hold cellulose together?

Glycosidic bonds by a condensation reaction froms a Disaccharide of glucose, however many of those of course makes up the polysaccharide. And cellulose is a polysac.... However, if you want to know how, many of cellulose keep themselves together in groups then the answer would be HYDROGENBONDS.

What holds chromosomes together?

The centromere holds chromosomes together. It is the circle like thing in the middle of the chromosome.

What holds a salt crystal together?

Salt crystals are held together with ionic bonds.. For example, table salt, NaCl, is composed of two ions. The Na ion is positive and the Cl ion is negative. The charges on these ions hold them together into the molecule NaCl.. You can think about this like magnets. The positive end is attracted t ( Full Answer )

What organelle holds the nucleus together?

The organelle that holds the nucleus together is called thecytosol. Inside the cytosol, there is cytoplasm and there also isendoplasmic reticulum.

What are particles of matter held together with?

By force of attraction. . Depending on the atoms present, the force of attraction could be in the form of ionic bond, covalent bond, coordinate bond, hydrogen bond, van der Waals forces of interaction, dipole dipole interaction etc..

Do joints hold bones together?

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What force pulls matter together?

Gravity is the force that pulls matter together. The gravitationalpull is how the moons stay in orbit around a planet.

These hold Particles together?

the strong and weak inter nuclear force in the atoms in between the neutron electron and proton hold the particles together

Which kind of force holds matter together?

\nAll the 4 forces known play in keeping matter together.\nGravity keeps planets together and influences all matter with mass (though gravity is so weak at atomic scales that it has so far been ignored at that level). \nThe predominant force keeping electrons tied to their atoms and keeping atoms gr ( Full Answer )

Which is needed to hold matter together or break it apart?

Matter is quite difficult to break apart - as this requires dissociating the neutrons, protons and electrons. But at sufficiently high energies, it can be done. As in Super nova. Or in a linear accelerator.

What holds chemicals together?

The chemical bond. A bond is formed when there is . sharing of electrons between atoms or . an electrostatic attraction between ions due to one atom losing an electron and another atom gaining it or . an electrostatic attraction between positive and negative areas. It may be: . Hydrogen ( Full Answer )

What forces hold liquids together?

Intermolecular forces - Van Der Waals (London Dispersion Forces) mainly Also includes Dipole-Dipole and Induced-Dipole forces in certain compounds, These are weak however so all can be classed together when broken ( Vapourized into a gas) Considerable strengths are Hydrogen Bonding (If H a ( Full Answer )

How does gravity hold a galaxy together?

Gravity does somewhat hold galaxies together. However, at the current estimated speed of the galaxy, gravity alone is not enough to keep the hundreds of thousands of stars from flying off into space. Therefore, it has been proposed by many cosmologists and astrophysicists that there is an "invisible ( Full Answer )

What are coming together and holding together federation?

There are some of the basic parameters for mankind common to most of mythologies and relgions like protection of human rights , provision of justice , giving equal rights according to UNO charter and respect for law and others. We have one of the best exaamples from decrypted secrets of Harappan Civ ( Full Answer )

Does the moon hold earth together?

No, the Earth's gravity holds the Earth together. The Moon actually acts in a small way to tear Earth apart through tidal forces, though these are far too weak to successfully do so.

What is holding together federalism?

Holding together federalism is nothing but the vertical sharing of powers between three tiers of government that ,,, central state and panchayat or municipal,,, its adjected with holding together federalism because in the power is shared almost equally in this three tiers and somewhat they check e ( Full Answer )

What holds together ionic bond?

An ionic bond as a bond using electrostatic attraction, this is a bond that uses the attraction of two oppositely charged ions. Think of a magnet, how the positive repels the positive of another magnet, and attracts the negative of the same magnet.

What holds water's atoms together?

Do you mean the connection between oxygen and its hydrogens? because that is a bond that is covalent (or sharing of electrons) Do you mean the connection between individual water molecules? then that is the hydrogen bonding. The attraction between the slightly negative side of the oxygen attracting ( Full Answer )

What is the force that holds the atoms together?

Actually, there are two forces: the strong nuclear force, which maintains the nucleus, and the electroweak force, which affects the electron shells. The attempt to demonstrate that these are actually aspects of the same force is known as Grand Unified Theory (GUT). If gravity can be shown to be part ( Full Answer )

How does a nucleus hold together?

The atomic nucleus is held together by the strong atomic force. This force is attractive, regardless of the charge of the constituent particles. Not asked, but answered for completeness sake, the electromagnetic force competes with the strong atomic force, causing a repulsive effect between proto ( Full Answer )

What forces holds a atom together?

There are two types of Electric charge that hold an atom together: Positive and Negative. If the two charges are opposites (e.g. Positive and Negative), then they will attract. Hence, like charges will repel and go separate ways.

What holds raindrops together?

The surface tension of the water holds it together. Water has an almost magnetic property in that it sticks to itself. The raindrops physically cannot be too bog because air resistance would rip it apart, but it has great enough surface tension to avoid being reduced to individual molecules.

What holds pancake batter together?

It is actually the egg and milk in the pancake batter that holds ittogether. The milks lactose reacts chemically with the flour andmany other ingredients and creates gluten, which hardens thepancake batter and holds it together.

What hold atoms together in molecules?

Chemical bonds. For example, with ionic bonds it is the attraction of opposite charges. With covalent bonds it is the sharing of electrons.

What holds dune together?

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What is holds the discs together?

It is impossible to tell what holds the discs together without more information. Please be more specific in your question. There are many different types of disks, all of which would be held together differently.

What holds molecules of compounds together?

Within the molecule, covalent bonds hold them together. Between themolecules there can be several different forces. There aredipole-dipole attractions, hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces.Which of them apply in a particular substance depends on thestructure of the molecules.