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What home remedy is there to eradicate gum disease and bad breath?

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Managing gum disease is all about daily plaque control - essentially sound oral hygiene. That means, in most cases, stopping the plaque in your mouth is really in your own hands. Brush every day. Floss every day. Period. Your dentist or oral hygienist may recommend fluoride toothpaste or tartar reduction rinses. Colgate Total is approved by the FDA for helping to prevent advanced gum disease by reducing plaque and tartar. Dental professionals recommend oral irrigation as a great way to really clean teeth and gums. Oral irrigators get what tooth brushes and floss, don't, so plaque and tartar, and the resulting advanced gum disease never comes back. Oral irrigators flood the mouth with a jet of water under pressure to flush offending food particles and bacteria from the mouth. From below the gum line where the infection is. It is just like a wound on your arm - you must keep it clean for it to heal. And now there's fresh evidence that advanced gum disease responds well to oral irrigators.

· Use a solution of one-half teaspoon of salt and one-half glass of warm water. The salt not only kills germs, it also shrinks swollen gums.

·Do this for four times a day for three days until your gums improve.

· Alternate with a good anti-bactericidal mouthwash (e.g., Biotene or Crest Pro-Health) that does not stain teeth or contain alcohol. · Of course, continue to brush at least twice a day. oralbreeze


After you see the dentist and get your dental hygiene in check here are a few tips: Use on a soft tooth brush. Gently start at the gum-line in small circles and move up to the tip of the tooth (pulling gently as you go). DON'T FORGET to GENTLY brush the roof of your mouth and tongue. The tongue is where most of the odor comes from because that is where your taste buds are although a poor indigestion can also cause bad breath (from the stomach.) Twice a week after I brush my teeth I take table salt, wet my brush in tepid water and GENTLY cleanse in small circles around the gum-line as this strengthens the gum and my dentist just confirmed I was doing all the right things. But it is best to consult your dentist if suspecting gum disease.

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