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What homemade herbicide kills weeds without harming the grass?

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At this time to my knowledge there is no such thing as a weed killer that is selective enough not to kill grass. Your best bet is to find a weed killer and spray it directly on weeds while trying to avoid the grass. Pulling out any weeds in your spare time will also help. Killing weeds before they seed is important to help keep their population down, but remember that some seeds will lie dormant in the soil for years and others will be introduced to your yard through wind or wildlife so you might not see a decrease in the population for some time.

Many household products will kill weeds safely such as vinegar, molasses, sugar, and boiling water. Vinegar is most effective when applied directly to the leaves of the plant.

Vinegar is often mixed with a dish soap or an essential oil (such as clove, or orange) to help it stick to the plant as well as add its own effects. When using soap try to use something gentle and biodegradable and not anything antibacterial. Using vinegar on a hot day is often more effective because it helps to dry out the plant.

Molasses and sugar both stimulate microbes in the soil that will kill any plant that is there but this will leave the soil healthier than before so that grass can grow back. It can help to heat the sugar water or the molasses before pouring it on to kill the weed quicker.

Salt can also be used but high salt content in soil will prevent the grass from growing there as well. This is effective however for places you don't want anything to grow such as in between cracks in cement or in driveways.

Bleach should not be used to kill weeds since it will greatly raise the pH of the soil and prevent anything from living there including the grass. It also will harm any organisms that live in the soil such as earthworms and beneficial microbes.

Also, grass itself can become be an effective weed killer by crowding out the unwanted plants. Keep your grass healthy by aerating (many weeds prefer dense soil), leaving clippings and leaves on the yard to compost, adding a layer of compost over the entire yard in the fall (not too much to completely cover and kill the grass), and letting your grass grow to about 3 to 4 inches before cutting.

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Q: What homemade herbicide kills weeds without harming the grass?
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Use a herbicide on the grass but be very careful not to let the spray get onto the plants.

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A solution of Mohr's salt can be sprayed on a lawn to kill moss without harming the grass.

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Yes, weed killers can kill grass. This happens when the herbicide kills non-selectively on contact.

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Yes, Borax can be used to kill grass. Borax is an herbicide and draws out moisture from the plants essentially starving them.

How do I kill grass growing around my perrienels?

An herbicide that is specially designed to kill grass will kill the grass growing around your perennials. Be sure to read the label carefully to ensure that it is for grass and will not harm your other plants.

Is grass killer harmfull to pets?

Some brands of pesticides can be harmful to your pets. There other "natural" ways to get rid of the grass without the fear of harming the pets. Contact your vet if you have additional questions or refer to the back of the pesticide bottom.

What will eliminate Bahia grass from a lawn?

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It will disable the process of germination. After applying a herbicide in that nature or any type of weed killer/ preventer, you should wait 4 to 6 week before reseeding.

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Why dont lawn weed killers kill the grass?

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