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Q: What hotel is reasonable for a night after a cruise on the Solstice in ft lauderdale close enough to not have to rent a car?
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How much does a cruise ship offer a spa practitioner?

Not enough for the amount of work to be honest. Depending on what line it can be reasonable.

What does a reasonable facsimile mean?

reasonable means simply not exactly right but close enough

Do you have diect flight from Hawaii to ft lauderdale?

No domestic airline offers a direct flight from Hawaii to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There is not enough fuel storage on a commercial airliner to allow such a flight.

Other words for reasonable?

its ok, its alright, fair enough

How far is Alaska from Iran?

close enough for a cruise missle strike

Can you bring food on a cruise ship?

Yes but not in any real amount. Chocolate bar OK Enough beer and hamburgers for a cruise, NO

What does the phrase not enough to go around mean?

it means there is not enough of somethin to give all there a reasonable amount.

Can you fit cruise control to your alfa 147?

Cruise control can be fitted on a Alfa Romeo 147. It is best to leave the installation to a professional but with enough research, installing the cruise control is possible at home.

What is reasonable cause?

Reasonable cause, or reasonable suspicion, is a legal term for enough evidence to suggest that someone might be carrying a weapon to warrant a pat down. Only weapons can be searched for based on reasonable cause.

How do you create reasonable doubt?

Convince enough members of a jury that they should have reasonable doubt about the facts of the case as the district attorney has presented them.

Will hades come out of the underworld?

Hades leaves the underworld long enough to retrieve Persephone.He also leaves the underworld at the winter solstice to mt olimpus but that is the only time he is allowed there and he is not allowed ther in the summer solstice

Is 51 degrees north far enough south for astronomical twilight to end on dates near the summer solstice?

The Southern tip of Ireland is about 51 degrees North. That is not far enough South for astronomical twilight to end on dates near the summer solstice. (The Sun never sets at latitudes above about 66.5 degrees, at the summer solstice. Astronomical twilight ends with the centre of the Sun 18 degrees below the horizon. That means you would need to be around 48.5 degrees North to get full darkness at the summer solstice.)

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