What house food do ladybugs eat?


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none, they eat aphids

Well, actually...

Ladybugs also like whiteflies, mealybugs, scales, mites, and such soft-bodied insects as fruitworm, cabbage moth, and tomato hornworm.

As far as household foods...

A way to encourage beneficial insects is to spray a mixture called "Wheast" in your garden. It is usually a mixture of yeast, whey or sugar, and water and it is an attractive food for Ladybugs and Green Lacewings. You can either make your own, or purchase a mix. A basic wheast recipe is as follows:

1 part sugar

1 part yeast

Mix sugar and yeast with water to make a thin paste. Apply to leaves. Or, add more water to apply by spray bottle.

However, they also seem to like soda (Coke Classic to be specific); I have fed many ladybugs that have come indoors soda and they really seem to like it.


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Ladybugs usually eat aphids.....

how do ladybugs get food?they eat aphids and other plant pests.

what do lady bugs eat?. Ladybugs are carnivorous and eat aphids.

You really think ladybugs eat human food? You should of learned this in 1st grade.

Ladybugs usually eat insects called aphids, but when food is short ladybug larvae will occasionally eat each other.

Most species of ladybugs eat plant-eating insects and aphids are their favorite food. The aphids eat the plants, and the ladybugs eat the aphids. Then, larger insects and birds eat the ladybugs.

Yes, that is one of their prey.

Not typically.If Ladybugs are stressed for food they may eat something not usually incorporated in their normal diet.(maybe a Chameleon)?

Yea, ladybugs do. I have many at my house and they hide under the leaves I put out for them. Yea, they lie in under the leaves in a cage so that they can eat and sleep and don't have to look for food for long.

Yes, they eat aphids, some mites, sometimes mushrooms.

Ladybugs eat aphids, mites, small insects, and insect eggs. A few species of ladybugs do feed on plants but most feed on small insect pests.

Ladybugs do not eat ants.

Look on a rose bush. They eat aphids.

Look on a rose bush. They eat aphids.

No ladybugs do not eat grub, but they do eat aphids.

no. Because ladybugs are much to bif to eat eachother. Usually the ladybug can only eat food which is smaller then them because they have small mouths.

where is ladybugs food chain

Ladybugs can fly to catch food. They eat aphids and other small insects.

Yes. This is particularly true of Asian ladybugs, which are eating both native ladybug food sources and ladybugs native to the United States.

Yes, ladybugs will sometimes eat the larvae and pupae of their own kind.

No. Ladybugs (Ladybirds) eat aphids.

Yes, ladybugs eat aphids.

Do ladybugs eat oranges

Ladybugs are carnivores, they eat aphids, mites, mealybugs, and other pest insects.They do no harm to plants.

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