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What how many species of catfish are there?

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There are over 2000 species of catfish (order: Siluriformes), thus making them one of the largest fish orders. They vary greatly in body shape, pattern, and scale configuration. Catfish come from all types of environments in both fresh and salt water. Catfish belong to 34 families. Thirteen families are covered in this book. They include: the Aspredinidae (Banjo catfish), the Ariidae (Sea catfish), the Auchenipteridae (Driftwood catfish), the Callichthyidae (Armored catfish), the Chacidae (Squarehead catfish), the Doradidae (Thorny catfish), the Loricariidae (Suckermouth armored catfish), the Malapteruridae (Electric catfish), the Mochocidae (Naked catfish), the Pangassidae, the Pimelodidae (Flat-nosed catfish), the Schilbeidae (Glass catfish), and the Siluridae (Old-world catfish).

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There are to many to list, as there are catfish that live all over the world. And of course we are still discovering new species! There are approximately 3,000 species of catfish though!

There are many different catfish species, salt water and fresh water.

Catfish are fresh water fish and they hide in the mud. There are several saltwater catfish species, and these are sometimes prey for ospreys, pelicans, gannets, and boobies. Many catfish species, like blue catfish and channel catfish, and flatheads, are predatory, feeding mainly on fishes.

Different species of catfish grow at different rates and get to different maximum sizes. What species of catfish are you referring to?

There are lots of catfish species. Some will and some won't. Name the species of catfish and you will get a more accurate answer

It depends on the catfish species.

There are many species. No one knows how many. So people estimate around 500 to 1,000.

There are many fish in the catfish family, but here is a list of selected common species; Blue catfish-Ictalurus Furcatatus, Channel catfish-Ictalurus Punctatus, White catfish-Ameiurus Catus, Flathead Catfish-Pylodictis Olivaris.

The white catfish is not an endangered species, common over much of the U.S.

Not entirely.Most catfish species are freshwater. Though some catfish, like Hardhead catfish are saltwater catfish. Some catfish species can live in both fresh and salt water.

This group consists of 34 families and about 410 genera and over 2400 species.

some species are but some like blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and bullheads are edible and delicious.

well a blue catfish and a channel cat is to different species of catfish but there are both male and female blue catfish and Channel catfish

There are too many species of catfish to answer this question. Catfish range from less than .5 inches to over 5 feet long when fully grown.

Some catfish species are tropical and others are cold water.

The channel cat is a species of catfish, correctly called channel catfish.

No. Swai is a type of catfish, and catfish are not a kosher species of fish.

Some species of catfish are algae eaters and others are not.

No, 2 totally different

Before that question can be answered one would need to know what kind of catfish you are asking about. There are so many different species that are called "catfish" that it is impossible to make a generalisation.

There are many species of fish that are called "catfish'. The thing that gives them this name is the feelers/whiskers around the fishes mouth. So I guess the answer to your question is. A catfish is a fish that has what appears to be whiskers.

Catfish are considered to be more of a scavenger than a predator. Some of them are an invasive species such as the walking catfish which is found in Florida.

There are many species of large catfish there, some over 70 pounds. The largest is probably a blue catfish, or perhaps a flathead.

Its hard to keep any fish with Convict.Especially with a breeding pair of convicts.Maybe another species of armored catfish like many species of doradids or talking catfish as they are called.

Thousands world wide with new species being discovered all the time.