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In a major Holocaust, mass butchering takes place, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. All sorts of human rights are violated. Specially the basic and most fundamental 'Right to Live' is grossly denied. This is the most tragic part of any holocaust.


'irrespective of caste, creed or religion'? No, certain groups are targeted. It isn't random spree-killing.

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Just about all of them. Pretty much(and this is true) the only rights they had were to walk, stand, and run

Human rights are denied in every war and the Nazis were supremely excellent at denying rights.

The Holocaust is an example of extreme violation of human rights. Human rights laws strive to ensure that such a situation will never occur again.

human rights are being denied in the Suoth Africa and any other country that tolurates slavery

Human rights, as we know them did not exist during the Holocaust, it was one of the things that the United Nations established as a result of the Holocaust.

when the rights of a man is denied by any authority,,,,,there s the violation of human rights...

They were denied all basic human rights because they were considered property. foiiertjetdxn

When slaves were whipped, there were many human life rights that were being denied to the slaves. These rights included the right to liberty, due process, and the rights to security.

It violated their right of life,faith,love,their right to have human rights

brazil have been in war lately, and have apparently been denied their human rights for severral different reasons. they have also been protesting too

There were no human rights that were not abused, that I know of. The human rights were not just violated once, but more times than can reasonably be counted.

They were denied voting rights because they simply weren't allowed to vote. They were considered less than human and did not have equal rights with white men.

Yes, they do. Unalienable rights should be denied to no human, regardless of immigration status. By law, however, rights of citizens can be denied them.

after the Holocaust it was realised that crimes of this nature had no actual laws defining them.

The Nazis didn't care about civil or human rights.

What are you talking about ? War is not a situation in which there are beautiful universal human rights with kumbaya and ladida for everyone.

Human rights are rights people have just by virtue of being human. Civil rights are bestowed by countries to their citizens. Civil rights may be taken away, but human rights are universal and can't be denied.

Dogs and animals and Bush and Lesbian sleep this right is denied in there.

Basically every single right they could ever have. They were killed! Thye could not have a job, see their families, receive a trial, even living was denied.

They created legislation so that the atrocities committed could be called 'human rights violations'.

their dignity , their hair , and their human rights , oh and their lifes

It brought about new legislation of war crimes and human rights.

Have a look at the related question.

Since your conscience is the part of your personality that differentiates right from wrong, if you are denied basic human rights you may come to believe that it is appropriate to deny others the same rights that you were denied. For example, if you were tortured, you may believe that it is acceptable to torture other people. Different countries have different ideas on what constitutes "basic human rights"

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