Mein Kampf

What ideas and goals did Hitler express in Mein Kampf?

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Adolph Hitler expresses a number of ideas in his book, 'Mein Kampf.' Specifically, Hitler discusses all the things he dislikes about the Jewish people, and how they had ruined Germany for all the Aryan descendants.

Pretty much everything about himself, and how he thought, and what he was planning to do.

He wrote Mein Kampf and his ideas were to get rid of anyone one that was non German.

Because I have read Mein Kampf I know he expresses views of National Socialism. He staes that killing the Jews was the final solution. He gives ideas of what his childhood was like and details of how he took chancellory.

Mein Kampf was a partly autobiographical and partly political book written by Adolf Hitler while he was in prision for treason. It's purpose was to express Hitler's dislike for races such as Jews while also communicating some of his political ideas. Author: Adolf Hitler Published: 1923 Title Translation: My Struggle

The main ideas of Mein Kampf is Hilter confesses his hatred of the Jewish people and how they are the reason for all of Germany's problems, also throughout the book he reveals his plans to annilate all of the Jewish people. In Mein Kampf Hitler outlined his political philosophy. He argued that the Germans were superior to all others. "Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science and technical skill, is almost exclusively the product

Mein Kampf was written by Adolph Hitler before he came into power in Germany. It is considered his autobiography and gives his ideas for the future of his country.

They felt that their ideas for a 'perfect world' were correct, and would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Hitler was "extremely" extremist. There is evidence thoroughout the whole of his leadership and written in the book Mein Kampf which was written by Hitler while in prison based on his ideas of Aryan supremicy and how Jews and other races such as Gypsies and black people as the reason why Germany lost the Great War (The First World War)

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Hitler wrote a book of his ideal society and how he would go about achiving it. It was called "My Struggle" or "Mein Kampf" in German. He also used his arrest and trial as an opportunity to make himself a national figure and further publicize Nazi party ideas and policies.

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The book Mein Kampf is Adollf Hitler's book that deals with his ideas for the furthering of Nazi ideals in Germany in the post World War 1 era.

The main ideas of Mein Kampf is Hilter confesses his hatred of the Jewish people and how they are the reason for all of Germany's problems, also throughout the book he reveals his plans to annilate all of the Jewish people. That Jews were inferior to Aryans~Apex

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Hitler adopted Mussolini's style of governing by fear.

Actually, a lot of people would think, and the credit is, given to Adolf Hitler, but in fact, Hitler was a great Orator, he uses gestures and charismatic speeches to captivate his audience, but he couldn't use those techniques on paper, therefore his ideas would repeat themselves and the book would be very hard to understand, so Rudolf Hess, who studied History and Geo Politics at Munich University would write with a good structure, the ideas and thoughts Hitler said.

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no he didn't Yes, Hitler did listen to his people. They loved him because he listened to their ideas and if their ideas were not anti-Jewish he would kill them. He mesmerized them in the Hitler youth program to never question Him. They were taught anti-Jewish ideas early on.

They lived and died. No-one in the Hitler supported or liked his ideas.

it was the other way around, the party had a constitution and Hitler took his ideas from there.

Hitler and Mussolini tested their new military ideas during when the Spanish Civil War happened.

Because Hitler is dead, we cannot run tests on his mental health. But we can look at his ideas and we can decide for our self's. After the Beer Hall Putch, Hitler was put in jail. In jail he wrote a book called Mien Kampf, or My Struggle. In his book he stated that the perfect human race was the Aryan race. He said that most Western European's were not worthy and that Christianity is about hate when it's really about love. So you decide, but most people think he was insane. Also if people had actually read Mien Kampf then maybe the Holocaust would not have happened, but hey the people who read it did not think that he was serious either.

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