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France would have been unable to mount any type of offense from North Africa. Logistics would have ruled it out. France's European army was unable to defend the nation even though on paper it was much more powerful than Germany's. France tried to fight WW1 over again and failed, poor coordination, bad leadership, and quick decisive strikes by the Germans ended the war in Europe quickly. In North Africa, France may have been able to inflict a Sunday punch with what was available, but wouldn't have been able to sustain it without supplies. The French Navy was old but numerous and it is tragic it met its fate by the hand of England rather than join with the Royal Navy.

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Did France ever fall to Germany?

France surrendered to Germany in May of 1940.

Which country surrendered to Germany in June 1940?


France surrendered to the Nazis what date?

june 22,1940

What European Country Surrendered To The Germans?

Holland, Belgium, and Norway surrendered on the first day of attack in ww2. France surrendered Paris due to an armistice agreement.

How did Charles de Gaulle deafeat the Germans in France?

He didn't. France surrendered within days.

What country surrendered to the Nazis?

Poland France Czechoslovakia are a few

France surrendered to the Nazis on?

On June 22,1940!!!!!!! On June 22,1940!!!!!!!

What is the score between South Africa and France?

France 1-2 South AfricaSouth Africa 2 - France 1.

What year did Germany invade France and capture Paris?

June 22, 1940 France surrendered to Germany

What decsion did Charles de gaulle make?

To fight on after France surrendered

What steps did France take to protects its land in north America?

They surrendered

Which country surrendered all of its claim to Canadian territory after the British and French Wars of the 1700s?

France surrendered all of its empire in what is now canada

When did Germany invade France?

Germany invaded France in May 10, 1940. On June 22, France surrendered and Germany captured Paris.

Who fought with France against Britain in the War?

France and Britain were allies in both WW1 and WW2 even when much of France surrendered in WW2

Who surrendered in World War 2?

Japan surrendered after the U.S. dropped the atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and, later Germany surrendered.The Axis powers, namely Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Vichy France, to the Allied powers, namely the US, Britain, France, and Soviet Russia.

When was Paris and France liberated?

Paris was liberated on august 25, 1944 when the Germans surrendered. France was liberated afterward.

Why did France surrender to Germany?

France Surrendered because they wanted to save the Eiffel Tower!It really was not France that surrendered it was the leader of the French who surrendered. The French were furious with him and at the end of the war they tried him in a court for doing what he did. The French wanted to drive the Germans out of their country. During the war they had an exceptionally strong Underground Resistance and the Free French in Britain helped to win WWII.

What was the end result of the French and Indian War?

France surrendered Quebec to Britain.

What country surrendered to the vietminh during the siege of dien bien phu?

France .

Why did the us and France become allies?

France surrendered, and was occupied by Germany in 1940; before Pearl Harbor was even bombed.

When did France enter world war 2 and why?

France was invaded by German troops in 1940, surrendered on 24 June 1940.

What events led to the fall of France to the Nazis?

After the heroic rescue at Dunkirk, France was deeply demoralized and couldn't withstand Germany's invasion from Southern France. After the invasion France surrendered.

Did Germany try to colonize France?

Germany didn't try to colonize France, Germany succeeded in colonizing France in 1940 after the French government surrendered to Germany.

When did France fall to the Germans how long did it take the Germans to conquer France?

The "Battle of France" began May 10, 1940 and France surrendered on June 25; which is a total of 46 days.

What is bigger France or South Africa?

South Africa