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What if I am 50 percent effaced and 30 weeks pregnant can they stop labor?


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Yes, they will give you a large dose of magnesium which works as a muscle relaxer to stop your labor, then they will give you a smaller continuous dose to prevent you from going back into labor. I was 30 weeks pregnant, 3cm dilated and 80% effaced and they were very successful in stopping my labor.


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All I can say is that I am 40 weeks 100% effaced and 2 cm dilated and I have not gone into labor. I am still waiting....

if you are 3 weeks pregnant, and your effaced 90% i'd say that you need to go get that checked out? 3 weeks prego means you have ur entire 9 months left to go!! if you go into labor soon, you probably wont be delivering a fullterm healthy baby

Castor oil is a laxative not used to induct labor. As the labor progresses and contraction becomes strong cervical dilatation will increase.

== == Theoretically, as long as you are past the point where the fetus is viable, active labor can begin any time in any pregnancy, no matter how much you are dilated or effaced. This means you could go into active labor in four minutes, four days, four weeks, etc. There's really no way to tell.

your dilation can take as long as 2weeks or 2days depends on how active you are.

Sorry, it is impossible to determine when the spontaneous onset of labor will occur. The norm is the span of time between 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the given due date. Every pregnancy is different, therefore one woman may go into labor with minimal evidence of cervical change while another woman might be very dilated and effaced for weeks before her labor begins. Pregnancy is our first lesson in patience as parents.

35 weeks along and 1.5 cm dilated 75 percent effaced? What does this mean?

You sure can. I'm 37 weeks, my baby hasn't dropped a bit either. But my doc did tell me I am 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced. She thinks I will have a long labor. It is my first.

You may not going into labor for several weeks. Women can walk around 4-5 cm dilated for a while before going into labor. Your body is doing some of the preliminary work for you!

Inducing before 39 weeks is dangerous for your baby, who would be born a preemie. Don't do it.

With my last baby I was 3cm and 50% effaced for over a week, had my membranes stripped and my water broke 3 days later with no contractions. I had to be induced. He was my second. With my first one I was already 5 cm and 100% effaced about 15 minutes after I felt my first contraction. I was probably walking around dilating for weeks. You never know...they come when they are good and ready. I am 34 wks pregnant again and definitely will not try to rush it like I did the last time. (12 hr labor as opposed to 2 hrs with my first one that came when he was ready.)

I was put on bed rest and Nifedipine at 29 weeks. I was dialated to 1 1/2 and 50% effaced. I am now 38 weeks. I have been off of Nifedipine for 1 week now and am 60% effaced and not dialated. You could very easily make it to you due date.

you are in labor---go to the hospital. if your labor doesn't progress, they will give you a drug pitocin to speed you along. good luck Joymaker rn

Same situation here! But just to let you know hun, it may be tomar, a week, or all the till your 40 weeks, and have to be induced. Every womens body is different. I have been effaced, and dilated since 30 weeks, and here I am 2 and 80 at 36...Hang in there! It maybe a lot longer. Baby Girl

it could be up to 2 weeks but not normally

im the same way except for im three days past due and was on Tuesday 1 cm 75% effaced and had contractions on Thursday at 3 am till i know what you mean

At 35 weeks why would you want to hurry things along? You will birth a preemie with complications if you deliver now. It is unsafe to induce or encourage labor before 39 weeks unless you have specific medical complications that make continuing the pregnancy unsafe.

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