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Change the Transmission Fluid and filter. If you see no improvement, take it to a transmission shop. We had a similar problem, and it ended up being a sensor in the transmission. I have a 1998 v6 which started to do the same thing. I was told by the transmission shop this is not an uncommon problem with Ford products. We replaced sensors, servo, solenoid, etc., problem kept coming back. Last time it was a valve body repair. It's still doing it. Next step is a new tranny - more likely I'm gonna trade it in for a new Honda. Good luck!

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What are Signs of Transmission problems of a 2005 impala?

If it is slipping in gear or any out of the ordinary rough shifting.

When driving rpm go up and seem like slipping but shifting fine?

Standard transmission?, the clutch is slipping, probably beyond adjustment, replacement necessary.

What causes a 1988 Buick Reatta front wheel drive with automatic transmission to have a vibration under the seat only when shifting into third gear?

If it vibrates briefly only while shifting, it's probably the transmission slipping. If all other gears are shifting ok, you're about to loose the transmission.

Why is your 96 accord revving while shifting gears?

if it is automatic the transmission could be slipping if manual the throttle could be sticking

Why does 4l60e has truble shifting when hot?

More than likely the main cause is the transmission is slipping. This wouldn't happen while cold it may also be that the transmission needs fluid.

What causes manual transmissions to have no power when shifting?

If the clutch is not slipping, I would say the transmission is fine, the engine may be the reason for the lack of power.

Why do you have to jam your Chevy Malibu in park for it to start?

If your pressing your brake when shifting it could be the neutral and park sensor. Or the linkage. If its the linkage you might have problems with your transmission slipping and shifting by its self or into certain positions easyly than others.

Why is your 1999 Chevy cavalier manual transmission slipping?

why is my manual transmission slipping on my 1999 chev cavalier

Is the solenoid an internal or external transmission problem?

The solenoid is an internal transmission problem. It causes slipping, non-shifting, hard or erratic shifts, overheating,?æas well as loss of one or more gears.?æ

Why does a 1995 gm 4L80 transmission not shift into overdrive?

The gearing may be bad, the tranny may be slipping, or the fluid and filter may simply need to be replaced. A bad filter and low or bad fluid can cause slipping or lack of shifting.

On my 1999 Pontiac grand am the transmission is slipping in first gear what has to be done?

you need to change the fluid. my 99 grand am does that, it feels like you're shifting a manual from 1st to 2nd.

I have a 700r4 transmission and in drive it shifts from 1st to 2nd but then into neutral know what's wrong?

It's not shifting into neutral, the 3rd gear "drive" band is slipping. Time for rebuild.

What are the signs of a valve body failure on a 1997 Saturn?

If the transmission is slipping or shifting badly it COULD be a sign of a valve body failure. If the transmission will not engage reverse or any of the forward gears, it COULD be a sign of a valve body failure.

Will your transmission stop slipping if you change the speed sensor?

No. A slipping transmission is caused by a low fluid level, or failure of friction parts inside the transmission. Though a failing Vehicle Speed Sensor(VSS) can cause symptoms that can make it appear that the transmission is slipping, even though it is not.

1990 mercury marquis transmission slipping in overdrive how can it fix?

my 1990 mercury marquis transmission is slipping in overdrive what do i need to look for and how can i fix it

Will changing my transmission filter help stop slipping under load?

Changing your transmission filter will help in improving the slipping under load.

What can cause a aerostar transmission not to pull?

The Bands in the transmission are slipping/ the tranny is bad.

Slipping transmission 2002 Mitsubishi?

A slipping transmission on a 2002 Mitsubishi can be caused by low fluid levels. Check the fluid should be the first step in troubleshooting the issue.

What could cause what seems like the transmission slipping on a 2000 mercury cougar?

my son bought a 1996 cougar that felt like the transmition was slipping and we had the transmission flushed and it fixed it.

Why would the RPM go up and down in a 97 Mercury Mystique?

This happened to me today on a major highway. The Ford garage told me it is a transmission problem. Check transmission problem solutions here in this blog. Solenoids, etc. It means your transmission is slipping, that happens in a lot of mercury mystiques. not all true there is a throttle position sensor or T.P.S. on your throttlebody try that its way cheaper than transmission

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