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Pregnancy does not emancipate a minor. You are still under the authority of your parents. Why do you 'need' to move out?

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Q: What if a child is sixteen and pregnant and needs to move out of her parents' home in Massachusetts?
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Can a pregnant teen move out at sixteen in the state of Illinois with out parents perrmisson?

Being pregnant does not emancipate a minor. It does give them certain rights in regards to providing for the welfare of their child.

How does a pregnant minor get emancipated in Virginia at age sixteen?

nope, i found this out the hard way. so your child is your parents custody till your 18.

What are the rights of parents of a sixteen year old who is pregnant in new york state?

She is still a minor and you decide over her just like before but you do NOT decide over her child. Only she is allowed to decide over her child before and after birth. Being pregnant is not emancipating her.

Is there a statute of limitations for collecting child support in Massachusetts?

No.The state of Massachusetts takes child support and dead beat parents very seriously.

Does a new spouse have to pay child support in Massachusetts?

No only the child's parents pay for the child.

What do you do when you are sixteen and have a child?

1. Take care of it.(P.S. Your the one who got pregnant in the first place.)

At sixteen in Ohio can you move out of your parents house if you move into another trusted family members home?

At the age of sixteen in Ohio, a child can move out of the house and into a family member's home only with the permission of the parents. The parents are still responsible for the child until they are eighteen and may have to pay child support to the other family member.

Can you stop paying child support if she becomes pregnant?

No, your child will not be emancipated because she is pregnant and her parents still have to support her until she is.

What rights do parents have over me sixteen year olds?

ALL rights. You're still a child.

Can a sixteen year old with a child move out without their parents permission?

No. Pregnancy does not confer emancipation.

Can you subpoena a sixteen year old in nc for an accident they caused?

yes you may but you will be subpeoning there parents since the child is the child is there responsability

A sixteen year old daughter was kicked out and the parents are compliant to where the child is living is it legal?

{| |- | Yes it would be legal. A minor is required to live where their parents ask them to live. They can have their child live anywhere that they are safe and cared for. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities to the child. |}

When parents have a child removed by social services in Massachusetts what parental rights still apply for them to protect their child in foster care?

Even if children are removed by social services in Massachusetts, the parents do not lose their rights to protect them. If the child becomes endangered in foster care the parents should discuss the case with the authorities and a lawyer.

What are your rights if pregnant at sixteen wants to leave home and live with father?

If you live in the US, your rights in this regard can be summed up in one word--none. Being pregnant and/or having a child, does not give a minor any adult rights. You are merely a pregnant minor and you are still subject to the control and authority of your parents.

What rights do a pregnant sixteen year old have?

well you have the right to raise your child. ad depending on the age of the father you have a right to have his help is raising the child, may it be child support or him actually being there. no one can make you give up your baby, but if you dont want the baby you have to have you parents permission to abort it.

In the state of Kentucky can a sixteen year old move out on their own if they are pregnant?

No, Kentucky does not say you are emancipated automatically when you are pregnant. No state does. It does not mean one has the ability to take care of yourself. You do have certain rights as to obtaining assistance for you and your child, but you are still the responsibility of your parents until you turn 18.

If the babys father is sixteen does he have to pay child support?

I don't think so. Don't tell me you got someone pregnant.

Are pregnant teens emancipated in California?

You don't get emancipated just because you are pregnant. You are the guardian of your child but your parents are the guardians of you.

At What age can a child leave home in Massachusetts without consent of parents?

Once you are emancipated or eighteen.

Can cps from the state of Indiana take a child from her parents if she is 14 and pregnant?

Yes, if they find the parents are not providing a safe environment, supervision or are neglecting the child. A pregnant fourteen year old is an indication the parents are not providing proper supervision. The authorities will evaluate the situation.

Can your parents legally make you give up your child through adoption after you have it when you are sixteen?

No, they can not legally force you to give up a child for adoption and neither can they force you to have or not to have an abortion.

If a sixteen year old girl is kicked out of her house at the age of fourteen and has been living with her friends parents can the child get child support from her working father?


Can a pregnant sixteen year old living in Mississippi live with the father of the baby?

Yes, with parental permission. Note that you are not emancipated automatically when you are pregnant. It does not mean one has the ability to take care of yourself. You do have certain rights as to obtaining assistance for you and your child, but you are still the responsibility of your parents until you turn 18.

Is the parents held responsible when the child is under 17 and pregnant?

Yes because your are responsible for your child till they are 18

Can a young child at the age of sixteen get married?

In most states if the parents give permission, a 16 year-old can get married.