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Q: What if a child runaway can they be put in another home?
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Can a child who has runaway be put in another home if heshe does not want to go back home?

It all depends on the circomstances on why they ran away in the first place.

Can a seven teen year old Michigan runaway be forced to come back home?

Yes, they can be returned home. Or they may be put into the child welfare program.

Can your parents do anything to make you come back home in California if you are 17?

Yes, you can be reported as a runaway. The authorities can then return you home or put you in a foster home.

How much does it cost to put a child in a foster home?

how old is the child

Why not put the runaway cars in neutral to stop?

If the cars are already runaway, then it would be hard to catch up to them to put them in neutral.

If your are under 18 can you move out without parent permissionin Oregon?

no yu cannot move out without a parents permission unless you are married or emancipated. if you are not either one of those then your parents can report you as a runaway or an "out of control child" and they can either put you in a group home or you will go back home with them.

Husband pays child support can a lien be put on our home for back child support?


When can a parent have a child removed from the home?

When their life and/or the lives of others in the home are put in danger due to the child's use of force or threat of it.

Can Orthodox Jews put their child up for adoption?

Yes, Orthodox Jews can put their child up for adoption. However, the child must be placed in a Jewish home.

What happens when drugs are found in child's home?

I think the child can be taken away from the home, and be put into child protective custody. They will say that the drugs are putting the baby in danger.

What is a home remedy for a child's headache?

Put a little rosemary essential oil on a cloth and have the child sniff it.

What happens in missouri if a 16 year old runs away from one parent to be with the other parent?

The child will be repporteed as a runaway and anyone who helps her will be charged with aiding a runaway which is a federal crime. The parent she runs to will be charged with kidnapping and lose all parental rights if he does not immidietly send the child back. So if you want a good realtionship with your parents don´t run away. It is also possible they put you in a foster home if they feel you can not live home without running away. No one will trust you if you do this.

Can you put another vehicle on your insurance not in your name?

You mat be able to if you have an insurable interest. For instance, your child living at home has a car in his name or you hold a loan on a car not in your name.

In Texas what can a parents do if their 17 year old moves out against their wishes?

They can inform the authorities. They will return the child to the home. If the child won't stay at home they can be put in a foster home or institution.

Do parents have legal right to put their child in a group home after they've reached the age of eighteen?

Not unless the child consents.

If your were taken from your home by SRS and put into foster care but you weren't adjudicated can you get in trouble if you leave with your parent's permission if your parent still has full custody?

Your parent no longer has full custody, it was taken away, so you would be a runaway, and they would be harboring a runaway.

What is the meaning of institutionalized family?

when a child is put in a home or a place for children for a period of time!

Do you have to pay support for a child who you have been voluntary put in a group home in MD?


Can you get put on probation if 17 and runaway?

As the adjudication for a criminal offense, it is not likely.

What happen if a child leaves home all the time and comes and go when she wants without parent permission?

It's the parents job to raise their child and see to that she do as they say. It's because of them she gets away with this. She can be reported as a runaway of she stays away too long and then the police will look for her. The parents are however responsible for what she does when she's out. If she's breaking the law the CPS can consider the home not suitable for her and put her in foster care.

Where is a child taken after child abuse?

A child that has been effected by child abuse would either put in a orphanage to wait for an adopter or would be put into a foster home. most foster homes are temporally until the next family wants them

Can the custodial parent put the child in a separate home away from the rest of the family?

Yes, if it's the home of the other parent.

How can a lien be put on a home for arrear child support if noncustodial parent doesn't own home?

Not possible if you don't have one.

Can the IRS put a lien on your home if your spouse owe and is on the deen only?

The IRS can put a lien on your home for past due child support and they will even charge interest.

What happens to your child if you are charged with possession?

If the police feel that you cannot care for the child they may be put in the hands of another family member or child protective services.