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If they say they have a judgment and in fact do not, they are breaking the law. You can report them to the Federal Trade Commision, which regulates collectors or to the American Collectors Association. Be sure first, thouhg, that there's not actually a judgment against you; you don't necessarily have to have been in court when it was granted. Demand to see written proof of the judgment before doing anything.

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Q: What if a collection agency says they have a judgment against you and they don't?
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Is it better to pay a collection agency or let them write the debt off?

if you pay the collection agency you can get back in good credit standings , ifyou dont they can get a judgment against you, and garnish your wadges , if they do a charge off it stays on your credit for up to 10 years know and it is harder to get credit with a charge off

What happens if you dont pay collection agency?

they will stop at nothing including threatening to take your first born child but basically all they can do is sue you and get a judgment and if you have no assets they cannot take them, but if your working you could have your wages attached...

Can a lien or judgment be placed against a 100 percent permant and total Combat Veterans home?

Depends on the state that you live in. Talk to an attorney, if the collection people dont believe you're disabled.

What if you dont pay a doctors bill?

they will send it to crediotrs and then a collection agency will call you.. your creidt score will go down

Can your social security disability be frozen to pay a collection agency?

Absolutely not!!!! A collection agency has no kind of authority to touch anyone's social security disability benefits. Or anything else. Scare tactics, empty threats are all a debt collection can do. If u dont want to pay a bill, thats the consumer's choice, not those fools!!

Can a credit card company get a judgment against you if your only income is soc Security Disability?

Umm I dont think so!!!

Can a collection agency find out if you have a checking account if you dont tell them?

A collection agency (or pretty much anybody now a days) can check your credit records with all three bureaus. They will see your bank records on the credit record. You can check your own credit record to see if the bank record is there.

Does a collections agency need a judgment to begin wage garnishment?

Administrative Wage Garnishment can be done by US Department of Education, or any guaranty agency that participates in the Federal Family Education Loan Program. All they need to do is send you a notice 30 days beforehand, regular mail, to your last known address. They do not need any judgments or writs, and any state or local laws referenced below are superceded by USC 34 B 682. - - uhhh yes. not only a judgment, but they also need a writ of garnishment... if they have the writ... they more than likely have the judgment as well. you should have been served the summons... then if you didnt show up... its automatic default judgment against you. you should have also received a copy of the writ as well. chances are they have one and you just dont know about it. employers generally dont go through the trouble to set that up unless thay have been legally. A collection agency cannot instigate legal procedures. In general a collections agency will refer the account to a collections attorney. The attorney must be licensed to practice in the debtor's state. The attorney will file suit, if the suit is won,a petition for a writ of judgment is made, the judgment can be enforced in several ways, one being wage garnishment. In all these steps the debtor must be notified and given time to answer. The length of time for the debtor to respond is governed by state law. There are collection law firms, one of which has obtained the right to use arbitration. That is a different process, but, it does not change the fact that a writ of judgment has to be issued by the court of jurisdiction.

How does a business find a collection agency that is not a scam?

The best way is to pay on results. Dont agree to any contract, just agree to test them. Feed them a few small accounts and ONLY PAY AFTER YOU GET PAID. That way you'll get an idea of how they perfrom before you give them more business. I"ve used a collection agency at for about ten years and we dont have a contract. They just do a good job, and we pay them.

What can they do to you if you dont pay back credit card debt?

The creditor can sue the debtor in civil court. If the creditor wins a judgment (99.9% of the time they will) said judgment can be ebforced against personal property owned by the debtor, for example a levy against a bank account or lien on real property.

If you are willing to make payments on a debt can a collection agency refuse the payments and continue to harass you?

A collection agency is not hired to get the amount paid in payments they are paid to get the amount in full. At this point the place you originally owed the money to and did not pay may or may not be willing to take payments being that they have now hired the collection agency to get the money from you. YOu can call the original creditor and tell them you are willing to pay and if they say no then you must pay the collection agency, I have never heard of any of them taking payments. When they get hired they try to collect as much as possible of the owed amount so they can get a higher commission. They dont want payments they want money in full....

How do you track a collection of squinkies?

you dont.

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