What if a girl says i love you and you are my 1 friend?


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just say we are friends


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step 1. make sure she love you, you dont want to lose her as a friend step 2. say to your friend to ask her to go out with you step 3. give her some time to think about and if she says yes you got your self a girl goodluck

ask the 1 who says i love you twice..and make he swear about this..

5 steps 1. ask her best friend if she still likes you and if she dose then 2. buy her flowers and right a note saying like your the prettiest girl in the world! 3.get some of her favorite things like a stuffed animal that has a heart on it that says i love you on it 4.ask her best friend why she broke up with him 5. and change how she relay wants you to be

he is in love with only 1 girl,and that girl is peach.

well 1.if he stares at you 2.if he gives you a flower and it says i love you so much and he dosent say like a friend that's a signal

#1 if your boy friend says I'm to "busy " #2 if he isn't home when you are #3 if you see him with another girl

he's just saying that for possibly two things.. 1. he is so in love with you that he can't even talk about any thing that has to do with u and him cause he is nervous to talk to you or even about it.. or 2. he believes that the friend that is asking him will tell everyone if he says yes so he says no. but don't worry.. he likes you!!!

Well there are 3 reasons 1# she might be a close friend 2# She might be bisexual ( which is totally fine) 3# or they could be related.

over 1 i dont know but i love dancing with the stars!!! usa version i love julianne and mark they should be boyfriend and girl friend

yes his girl friend is pretty their r alot of pictures that is not is girl friend but tha 1 when they r in da lemo is his girl friend

A man gives a girl 10 roses, 9 real and 1 fake. He then says to her " I will love you until the last rose dies"

ofcourse u shud believe the boy.. but make sure that he dont break ur trust again!!! and show him that u really love him wholeheartedtly...

There are many tips to make a girl your lover 1.join friendship with her. 2.slightly obtain her belief in you. your love. 4.if she says no,continue the above steps

1. I like you, as to a friend: Jeg liker deg. 2. I like you, as to a girl/boyfriend: Jeg elsker deg (the same as I love you)

you really cant love two girls theres only 1 love of somones life.tell him he has to chose and soon

Nooo...! He doesn't like Willow Smith. As a friend yeah. He is looking for his #1 Girl.

just go up to her an grind on her when my boy friend did it to me i got turned on and we been goin out fo 1 year an a half im 16 and i love it when he grind on me just go up to her an grind on her when my boy friend did it to me i got turned on and we been goin out fo 1 year an a half im 16 and i love it when he grind on me

no he hasn't had 1 for a yill

You really can't. What you can do, is become a better man, not for this girl but for yourself. This will help you find the girl meant for you and better your chances at making her yours. I recommend checking this out:

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Wait 1 week. Text the girl and say "HO" as soon as you send it send another text that says "Did I just send you a text that says HO?" When she Text back and says "Yeah". say "Good"

Try to become his number 1 best friend that is a girl when you become really close to him ask him out and if he says yes he likes you and if he says no wait for the sun to come out

As a girl i would just wait till she's alone from all her friend and just go up and give her a note that says "do you like me" and see what see says. then just make her feel like she's your #1 girl let her meet your friends just look at her and if she says what then you say "im so lucky" It make a girl like you alot :)

he had 1 her name jessica but i will say "NO" NO

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