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Just wondering what the age difference is you are taling about, I used to be engaged to someone 20 years younger than me,,(she was in her 30's) and we had no prob with it, just looking for more info into the question AWNSER ha well im married to someone 7 years older than me ^^ if you love them and they are legal for you to date go for it

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What does mean if a guy stares at you a lot but it seems like he doesnt like you?

He likes you.

What does it mean that a guy that stares at me at lunch who is on the football team but seems really shy?

i guess he likes you

What does it mean when a guy stares at you all the time in class and seems to be talking about you to his friends and sometimes looks like he hates you?

He oviously likes you and he looks at you that way because he wants you!!!

How could a girl they a guy she likes them?

If she acts weird around the guy she likes that means she like him if she stares at him it cud mean she likes him if she seems shy around him that cud mean she likes him also

When a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Answer 1No but if she stares at u and u look at her and she turns her head away she likes u but if she still stares at u and smiles when u look she defently likes you hope this helped uAnswer 2No, but if you seems to be frequently catching your eye or looking at you happily, this is a sign that she might like you.

How can you tell when he likes you?

Well if he seems to always want to be by you or wants to talk to you he likes you or if he constantly stares at you like look look sometimes he will not act like like it so good luck

How can you tell if a guy likes you when you two don't talk much?

if he stares at you (not glaring) or seems to always be staring at you. if he gets nervous around you that's bout it

This popular guy always stares at you and when you look back he continues to stare straight into your eyes he doesnt smile maybe because he doesn't know me but what does he mean I'm confused?

It seems that he likes what he sees and is likely interested in you.

How old do you have to be to date bill kaulitz?

Same age or older. It seems he likes mature women.

What does it mean when your ex stares at you but never says anything?

He is likely just looking at you as he likes what he sees or it could be just concidence and he seems like he is looking at you but just looking in your direction.

Why does undertaker likes Melina Perez on WWE?

It is all scripted, so if he seems like he likes her, its because the writers on WWE wanted to be that way

Why does a boy avoid you when he seems interested?

because he might be embarresed that he likes you. idk ask the guy!

Does a girl like you if she seems to be ignoring you?

It's either she's shy because she likes you or she doesn't like you because of your personality or looks...

There is a boy and he likes this other girl but it seems he likes you what do you do?

Maybe you should just wait it out and see if he seems to start showing more interst in you than the other girl that he likes.

Does a guy check on a girl constantly because he thinks she likes him but he does not like her and will he want to know if she likes him tho he does not like her or he does like her a little bit?

It seems to me that he likes her if her's taking time out of his life to check on her.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like stares at you and looks straight at you for a long time until you look when he occasionally talks to you and shows signs of liking?

"and shows signs of liking"It seems you answered your question yourself there. If he shows signs that he likes you, go for it.

I like a guy and I dont know whether he likes me or not but one thing he observes and stares at me what does that mean?

It seems he may be paying attention to you at least and that seems like a good thing. Try talking with him and see how things go - take things from there when you see his response. If he seems interested get to know one another, try spending some time together and possibly exchange numbers.

If a guy friend you have always talked to seems nervous around you and stares at you a lot what does this mean?

He probably fancies you.

What does it mean if you say its seems he likes you?

they mean that there 90% positive that he likes u

If a guy knows his mate likes you would he look at you a lot and talk to you abit?

He might do. But he might also look at you a lot and talk to you a bit because HE likes you. This seems more likely.

What it mean when a boy stares at you?

Dear asker, It might mean many things, it might mean that he hates you, likes you, wants to talk you or maybe he wants to hurt you... I can't really tell. The way he stares is the key, you can feel someones feelings by the way he looks to you or the way he talks or the way he breathes. For example when someone is lieing, he seems nervous and doesn't always say sencefull things.

How can you be absolutely certain a guy likes you before you ask him out?

You never can be, unless he tells you, or something in this genre happens. But a way to find out that he likes you, are the way he acts around you. He might be nervous, sometimes a jerk, he stares at you,and he doesn't always look away when you cath him looking at you. They flirt with you, and they talk to you. Then if he only does that part of the day, then you can't really know. He probably likes you, but I can't explain why they would ignore you for a part of the day, especially if it seems likes he's flirting with other girls. There are different ways to learn if a guy likes you.

What should i do with this one guy that i like Everyone says that it seems like he likes me but he won't admit who he likes to anyone I don't want to mess up with him What am i supposed to do?

Well if he stares at you or tries to stand next to you he probably likes you. but it depends on the type of guy he is. If hes a shy guy then he will look at you when your not looking an he'll wanna stand next to you or try to talk to you. If hes not shy then he'll mess around with you or talk to you if he likes you he does any of that stuff there's a possibility he likes you. When your comfortable you can talk to him. I hope this helped you!!

How do you know if a girl actually likes you or if she is playing you?

This is coming froma girl whos been on both ends, the playful and the crushing, if shes dropping her books, starring at you, or had trouble talking, or seems zoned when your around, then she likes you. If she stares at you and giggles shes playing or if she talks to her friends right after she talks to you and can talk normally, then just playing...hope that's helpful

How do you find out if a girl is not likes you?

If she talks to you a lot, if she seems like a nice girl then probably not. But if she seems like the girl who doesn't talk to everyone then yes, she will talk to you if she likes you. I'm guessing you're not any older than 14... so if she comes up to you with her little friends then she likes you. If she laughs at what you say, then she likes you. If she's already your friend and she teases you with a look in her eyes then she likes you. Stare at her eyes to eyes, if she looks away, she's nervous and probably likes you (if she's a shy girl), if she has a staring contest with you, then she likes you (if she's a out-there girl), my point is, it depends on the girl, you know you could just ask her :). Good Luck.