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If you signed a loan agreement then giving the car back won't help you.You are bound by the terms of the loan.Read the agreement what happens next will be determined by what that loan says.

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Q: What if a payment was never made on a car and now want to give it back voluntarily?
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What can a finance company do if you voluntarily give them their car back?

They can keep the money you already paid.

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What happens when you voluntarily give back a car?

Bad things, among which is ruined credit for 7 years, payment of the balance left on the note after the bank sells your car. Not good things. Don't do it. Call the lender and work something out.

When you give up your rights to your child how can you get your rights back?

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What do you do with a car that was voluntarily reposesed and the bank never picked it up?

The simple answer is, that if the bank never picked it up it is not repossessed. If you are not making your payments, and really want to give up the vehicle, what a lot of people do is take it back to the bank, and leave it in their parking lot. Be sure to give the bank manager the key and let them know what you are doing. If this is not possible continue to try to call them.

What options do I have if I can't afford my car payment anymore?

sell it, give it back or get another job

Can you voluntarily give back a car just purchased before any money is paid on it?

Check with the dealer where you bought it. Some local dealers in my area will take it back before 30days.

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If planning to file chapter 7 bankruptcy California when is the time to voluntarily give back vehicle?

Ask the attorney that is filing your Chapter 7 case.

What is meant by refund?

To refund is to give back the payment made, usually due to a cancelled order or unsatisfactory service and/or returning of a money guarantee as part of a payment deal.

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If you are trying to sell a car and someone gives you a down payment then backs out are you obligated to give the down payment back?

I wouldn't think that you would be but I don't know what the law is. Do you have anything in writing?

How do you get your ex husband to give you a financial affidavit of his income debt's and assets as well as production of certain documents to back it up?

If he does not cooperate voluntarily, your alternative is to file a lawsuit.

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What is the importance of payment table?

The payment table is very important as it give you the payment schedule of when you are supposed to be paid or pay.

You cannot make the rest of the down payment and the dealer wants the car back do they have to give us back your trade?

In Chicago, IL if your car is repossed by the dealer do you still have to pay back the money for the car?

Can someone reposes a vehicle if you have stuff inside?

Yes, they can. Also when they repose it they do not have to give you those items back until they receive there payment.

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