What if aliens were responsible for the creation of Earth and all biological creatures?

If aliens finally decide to join us on planet earth(i really hope they do) i believe God will finally show himself to modern man, probably to protect us from whatever the aliens are planning to do.

I am going to interject before the other simply from a logical point of view. If aliens acted as "god" much as we do to say lab rats. Then logically we can expect we as race are being "raised" much as an experiment. Ponder that for a moment, become insulted, and then let that go. Look at the solar system, our natural resources, the distinct and fast "rise" of humans from what we can barely find example stock for. We are fast reaching critical mass, and have failed the basic test laid before us, the planets being so perfectly laid out, with minerals and energy (gas) available for extra solar travel farthest out.

As lab rats - fighting over "god" - yes, yes we do fight the most over him/her - we are failures. America being the example of what "can" happen when all the people accept one another, sadly also becoming corrupt.

If aliens do return - it will not be to reward us. In fact if you believe in only 10% of the sightings, we are being observed - probably measured - and maybe even evaluated for consideration to continue the experiment.


another point to make about religion is: if extra terrestrials came to earth religion would be destroyed because they will lose faith in God

A: It is possible that aliens were responsible for life on earth -directly or indirectly, so long as you believe in aliens! Current scientific theory suggests that given the size of the universe you would be mad not to believe in them ( there is a very nice scientific formula for this)- as to weather they have visited earth is another question altogether!

Before i continue i must comment on the first answer given! HaHa' if aliens were responsible for creating life on earth why would they be a threat! that is like saying because god created life on earth he's the threat! Religion! - maybe we need the aliens to protect us from what god is planning!!

O.k' back to your question! --- Here's a little story for you-- Lets assume man carries on ruining the earth (it could be because of pollution ,nuclear war etc..) and it soon becomes apparent that life on earth can not continue, to continue life we would have to look for a planet that could support life - and when we get there we can't live there ourselves as humans but we can give life to the planet then we would! And maybe now and then we would pop in to say hello or effect the evolution of life on that planet and maybe now and then introduce our genes to the mixture!! I guess we would.

Also the human imperative is to go forth and multiply and the earth can only feed a finite amount of people - so i guess at some point to continue we would have to look for other places to live!

Some people believe that alien visitation and abduction ( if you believe in such things) is a way of effecting the human race to a point were cross breeding would be viable- i guess with the effect of breeding us out of the picture! --

A book on this subject is available called "The threat" by David m, Jacobs PH.D ( copyright 1998) He is considered the foremost scholar on this subject and is a resident at temple university in Philadelphia.

you can contact him at Djacobs@VM.Temple.edu

So i hope that answers all hypothesis!