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What if aliens were responsible for the creation of Earth and all biological creatures?


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If aliens finally decide to join us on planet earth(i really hope they do) i believe God will finally show himself to modern man, probably to protect us from whatever the aliens are planning to do.I am going to interject before the other simply from a logical point of view. If aliens acted as "god" much as we do to say lab rats. Then logically we can expect we as race are being "raised" much as an experiment. Ponder that for a moment, become insulted, and then let that go. Look at the solar system, our natural resources, the distinct and fast "rise" of humans from what we can barely find example stock for. We are fast reaching critical mass, and have failed the basic test laid before us, the planets being so perfectly laid out, with minerals and energy (gas) available for extra solar travel farthest out.

As lab rats - fighting over "god" - yes, yes we do fight the most over him/her - we are failures. America being the example of what "can" happen when all the people accept one another, sadly also becoming corrupt.

If aliens do return - it will not be to reward us. In fact if you believe in only 10% of the sightings, we are being observed - probably measured - and maybe even evaluated for consideration to continue the experiment.


another point to make about religion is: if extra terrestrials came to earth religion would be destroyed because they will lose faith in God

A: It is possible that aliens were responsible for life on earth -directly or indirectly, so long as you believe in aliens! Current scientific theory suggests that given the size of the universe you would be mad not to believe in them ( there is a very nice scientific formula for this)- as to weather they have visited earth is another question altogether!

Before i continue i must comment on the first answer given! HaHa' if aliens were responsible for creating life on earth why would they be a threat! that is like saying because god created life on earth he's the threat! Religion! - maybe we need the aliens to protect us from what god is planning!!

O.k' back to your question! --- Here's a little story for you-- Lets assume man carries on ruining the earth (it could be because of pollution ,nuclear war etc..) and it soon becomes apparent that life on earth can not continue, to continue life we would have to look for a planet that could support life - and when we get there we can't live there ourselves as humans but we can give life to the planet then we would! And maybe now and then we would pop in to say hello or effect the evolution of life on that planet and maybe now and then introduce our genes to the mixture!! I guess we would.

Also the human imperative is to go forth and multiply and the earth can only feed a finite amount of people - so i guess at some point to continue we would have to look for other places to live!

Some people believe that alien visitation and abduction ( if you believe in such things) is a way of effecting the human race to a point were cross breeding would be viable- i guess with the effect of breeding us out of the picture! --

A book on this subject is available called "The threat" by David m, Jacobs PH.D ( copyright 1998) He is considered the foremost scholar on this subject and is a resident at temple university in Philadelphia.

you can contact him at

So i hope that answers all hypothesis!


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No, but there has been encounters with creatures like aliens, such as the snake heads.

No creatures of course. your talking about aliens no their not real

Presumably you refer to creatures from other planets; it is not currently known whether such aliens exist.

Aliens are creatures that scientist believe that live up in space on the other planets and that they are described as green men and women

aliens do exist, but they are known as extraterrestial creatures, which means there is no such thing on earth, but there may be life on other planets.

If you refer to creatures from other planets, that is currently unknown.

they probably are, our planet can't be the only one living creatures on

No. They come with instructions and the egg is made of plastic.

No. It isn't currently know whether there are, indeed, any alien creatures.

Gay if there is any aliens, then they would probably describe us as dumb, small headed, ugly, disturbed creatures. but if they liked us, the we would all of a sudden be cool, smart, pretty creatures. who knows?

Well assuming there are other intelligent living creatures in the universe, they would refer to other intelligent living creatures in the universe (which can be us) as a word in their language that has the same meaning as aliens. So, yes, for other intelligent living creatures in the universe. But that doesn't mean if we didn't live on a planet we wouldn't be aliens. Because we would still be other intelligent living creatures in the universe for other intelligent living creatures in the universe. And yes, I used copy/paste for other intelligent living creatures in the universe. :) By the way, you refer to humans as "them". Doesn't that make you and alien for us? :P

It isn't currently known whether there even are any alien creatures.

Aliens, E.T., extra terrestrials. There are many names.

people believe aliens are responsible for crop circles. some also think aliens created Stonehenge as one of many communications posts. these people are crazy. There are no aliens known to exist, in real life. Sorry. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and it might well be us.

As a Christian, I would have to say that the only non-human life forms that exist are animals and plants. Aliens are fictional creatures, not real creatures. Same thing could be said for dragons, unicorns, etc.

Aliens are from outer space. Aliens are amazing creatures that no one knows about. Everyone thinks the stars are balls of gas, pssh! We all know they're aliens holding light bulbs. :) hope that helped. i love the last one. (:

humans are not alone their are millions of creatures lying in space . These are called aliens . They have UFOs . When the earth comes to an end we can go to different galaxy's but their are no aliens in are galaxy.

Well it depends if your gaming skills is crap or not No, these aliens are not games they are little rubber toys in goo. So they do not grow as they are not living creatures.

Aliens are either citizens of other countries or, in science fiction terms, creatures from other planets/galaxies. How much are they? It depends on the jobs they are hired to perform.

no well in the video "ancient aliens" they talk about angels or biblical creatures being considered aliens..... and if you think about it, aliens don't have to be green and have big heads as explained by Stephen hawkings in "into the universe" angels are not from earth so they are technicaly aliens.... and for all we know the could be from another planet so yes they are....

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when aliens from other planets were first conceived, since many mythological creatures resemble such aliens, however, I believe that the first true science fiction story featuring aliens from other planets was "Micromegas" by Voltaire.

If aliens exist (I presume youy mean creatures frtom other worlds), and if God exists, He may well have created aliens, but nobody can be sure. Answer: Since God create everything, if Aliens exist God created them as well. One day we will know.

Anything you see on television or movies about alien creatures is not real aliens - it is how the the movie creators thought aliens might look. Of course, some of them made them intentionally ugly.

we are aliens too ^_^ ,, because aliens live on other planets,, we live on our planet,, if we call those other creatures on other planets an "alien" ,,,,, we are the same as them,, if we travel to their planet,, they call us back aliens too ^_^,, in their language hahaaha i guess that was the best answer for aliens theory

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