What if an immigrant fathers a child before getting deported?

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This makes no difference, I am an American women, I was Born in the U.S., I have a husband who is from Mexico, we have been together for 7 years and we have a 5 year old son, however-the U.S. government will not allow him to stay in this country. If I want my family to be together, I must move to Mexico.
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How is an illegal immigrant deported from the US?

Deportations It used to be a fairly lengthy process. Because of the new immigration laws put in place by Homeland Security/Congress the deportation process is in most cases quite rapid. Usually the local authorities take the person into custody and hold them for the INS, who transfer them to a fede ( Full Answer )

How can you have an illegal immigrant deported from the US?

No. YOU cannot have anyone deported. Only Immigration and Customs Enforcement can do so. Presently ICE is only focusing on crime-related deportations (since many "illegal" immigrants entered the country legally and were properly inspected but either had visas expire due to a variety of reasons some ( Full Answer )

Can an immigrant who came here on a K1 visa get deported if she gives birth to a US citizen but gets divorced before her status is adjusted to permanent resident alien or receives her green card?

It is a possibility as the divorce invalidates spousal sponsorship, the issue of having a child is usually taken into consideration when the foreign nationals status is considered as is the reason(s) for the divorce (such as domestic violence). United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, htt ( Full Answer )

How long is a 'good conduct' illegal immigrant detained before being deported?

There is a time limit to be deported. According to the Immigration Neutrality Act, ICE has 90 to deport an individual if they have been compliant in providing their travel documents and signing additional forms issued by ICE called and I-229. The I-229 states that the individual detailed will be com ( Full Answer )

How do you get an ex-spouse who is an illegal immigrant and doesn't pay child support deported?

Answer . \nIt is nearly impossible for an individual citizen to have an illegal immigrant deported.\n. \nImmigration is the jurisdiction of the federal government and state authorities are reluctant to get bogged down in deportation issues unless the immigrant has committed a criminal offense.\ ( Full Answer )

How can you have an illegal immigrant deported from the UK?

fraud in UK i know a family living in UK who are upto fraud activaties in UK they bringins young girls into UK an makin them do prositution an makin false id sayin that there are they daughters an same time givin them full time education to make it look real plz email me for further information n ( Full Answer )

Where do you report an immigrant for deportation?

Answer . you could try contacting border patrol who maybe able tbetter assist you. Police not You . possibly you should report them to the police, and let them handle it.

How do you marry your illegal Mexican boyfriend who is the father of your child without him getting deported?

Answer . Do some research on " confidential wedding " with google. In California, you & your guy show up at a wedding chapel and just ask for a confidential wedding. The license and all can be arranged within an hour -- there isn't a blank to fill in that asks about citizenship and nobody els ( Full Answer )

What can a legal immigrant be deported for?

I am pretty sure that depends on the country. But in general, youcan expect to get deported for more serious crimes, the so-called"felonies".

Can an illegal immigrant be deported if the have a child that is a us citizen?


How do you deport an immigrant?

If they are in your country legally, you can't. If they are illegal, you should inform the police. In both cases, it is the governent not the people who decides who should stay and who should not.

How can a father go by getting his child back?

First of all you must have or try to have some sort of commuication with the child's mother. If this fails and you believe that you would make the better parent to raise the child get a lawyer and get your proof together and witnesses and go to court. If you have already gotten full legal and phyica ( Full Answer )

Why should illegal immigrants be deported?

Illegal immigrants are those who are in the US on their own without getting permission from the USCIS. There are some who first enter the US on a valid and legal visa and then overstay comfortably. When they are staying illegally, they put pressure on the existing resources that are being share by t ( Full Answer )

Why are illegal immigrants deported?

Because they are in a foreign country ILLEGALLY and must be returned to their own country. Good question though.

Can a pregnant immigrant be deported?

Yes, they can. Unless a child is born in the US it is not considered a citizen of the country. Once the child is born in the US, it will have citizenship. Until that time, the mother can be deported at any time.

What happens when a child is at school and a parent gets deported?

If the child is a legal citizen they go to the closest legal relative, if there is no one to take the child they go into foster care. If the child is not a legal citizen they will be deported with the parent. If the child is a legal citizen and they aren't registered in school they can be deported w ( Full Answer )

Why were Ellis Island immigrants deported?

Ellis island immigrants were deported if they had a disease that was incurable, or sometimes if they failed the Island process . . Added: All immigrants had to pass certain medical health, physical, mental, and psychological exams AND have a firm destination in the US to which they were headed to ( Full Answer )

What ports did the Russian immigrants deport from?

Immigrants from Eastern and Central Europe faced a long and arduousjourney. They likely had to travel down the Danube and head towardports in the Black Sea area like Varna. Once there, they wentthrough weeks or, in some cases, months to reach America's shores.

Can can immigrant be deported for shoplifting?

Shoplifting isn't a serious crime, however, if the shoplifter is illegal and the police find out, it's a huge possibility that the illegal could be deported. If the immigrant is a legal U.S. citizen, then no.

What is the possibility of an illegal immigrant getting deported after having to go to court for an illegal action?

Extremely high. Why? Because an illegal immigrant breaks the law in the first place coming to a country illegally. Also, if you had to go to court for an "illegal" action, there obviously going to find out your illegal since there will be no documents of you #1, and #2, any normal citizen would go t ( Full Answer )

Can get child support from a father who gets disability?

Yes, as long as it's not public assistance/SSI. BTW, if the child's RSDI benefit is based on the obligor's SSA account, it is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

How do you get child support from a father that haa been deported?

Some countries have reciprocal agreements with the US to collect child support. I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, pa ( Full Answer )

What should child do if they are getting abused by father?

This is a terrible situation for the child. However, they do need to tell someone - if the Mother is around then they should tell their Mother, if not they should tell someone that they trust like an Aunt, Teacher, Social Worker etc. There may also be a telephone number that you can ring for help (i ( Full Answer )

Can a child be deported?

I hope you aren't going to get rid of you child that would most likely be child abuse, but just like a foreigner can be deported and gang members are deported I am quiet sure. Yes

How can you get child support if your kids father is deported?

Unfortunately the custodial parent would not be successful inattempting to enforce a support order against a non custodialparent who resides outside the U.S. Neither state nor federalagencies have legal jurisdiction in such civil matters. What is possible is, any assets such as bank accounts and pr ( Full Answer )

Are illegal immigrants deported to their country?

Yes, usually. But there are many ways an illegal immigrant can make it difficult to get sent back. In order to to be let back into their country they need a passport. If the passport is "lost", or the illegal immigrant never had one and managed to get in without one there is then a problem. The ( Full Answer )