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When they passed what? The question is probably, what if the application is denied, because of a medical problem? If that happens try another company. Do you mean if the applicant lied on their application? Then see For more info see

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: What if an insurance claim is denied because the company found out that the applicant was HIV positive when they passed?
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What does insurance form mean?

Insurance form means the proposal form to be filled and submitted by the applicant to the insurance company which may accept the proposal to insure the applicant.

Do insurance companies need a written consent from patients to learn their HIV status?

No, there is no privacy when you have insurance. If you get treatment or testing for something medical and it is covered by insurance. The insurance company will know anything related to that. However the HIPPA law that was inacted prevents them from telling anyone else. No. Insurance companies must make the applicant aware they will be testing for HIV, provide general information to them and have the applicant sign a written informed consent. Health insurance (including hospital, medical, and surgical expense coverage) cannot be denied simply because the applicant is HIV positive. However, disability and life insurance companies are allowed to ask applicants if they have been diagnosed or treated for AIDS or ARC, and deny coverage or charge other than a standard premium for the policy based on the answer. While they may not ask if an applicant has ever had a positive HIV test, they can require an HIV test as part of the company's underwriting rules before issuing a policy.

What type of home insurance plans are offered by The Hartford Insurance Company?

The Hartford Insurance Company provides different levels of home insurance. Currently separated into six different levels. These six policies may be tailored to the needs of the individual applicant.

What test does a life insurance company do?

A life insurance company requires an application to consider issuing a policy. It requires the applicant to answer various questions and to provide personal information of various types. Among these are questions concerning the applicant's health history. This is sought in order to determine whether the applicant meets the risk criteria that the insurer is willing to accept in order to insure the applicant's life. The policy is issued in reliance on the answers to those questions. Usually, the insurer also hires an independent company to conduct a physical exam of the applicant. You might therefore consider the foregoing to be a "test".

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The Yes Insurance company is located in the United Kingdom. It is a sister company of Providence Insurance. They do work nationwide but they offer local deals as well. The reviews for this company have been positive due to their low rates.

Can a daughter take out a life insurance policy on her mother?

Yes you can. Your mother would have to sign as the applicant, and you as the owner. Also the insurance company may want to know the reason for the policy and its purpose.

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Can a false positive HIV test make your insurance go up?

In the UK it is no longer legal for an insurance company to do this but this may vary depending on where you leave and how that company operates.

If surrender rate increases is this positive or negative for an insurance company's earnings?

Surrender rates go down over time. If they increased it would obviously be beneficial to the insurance company.

Does insurance company have right to pursue vandals on behalf of insured to recuperate their cost of coverage to insured?

I'm almost positive that the answer is "yes", especially if the insurance company has already reimbursed you for your losses.

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