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What if an insurance claim is denied because the company found out that the applicant was HIV positive when they passed?


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2005-01-28 07:46:27
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When they passed what? The question is probably, what if the application is denied, because of a medical problem? If that happens try another company. Do you mean if the applicant lied on their application? Then see For more info see


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No, there is no privacy when you have insurance. If you get treatment or testing for something medical and it is covered by insurance. The insurance company will know anything related to that. However the HIPPA law that was inacted prevents them from telling anyone else. No. Insurance companies must make the applicant aware they will be testing for HIV, provide general information to them and have the applicant sign a written informed consent. Health insurance (including hospital, medical, and surgical expense coverage) cannot be denied simply because the applicant is HIV positive. However, disability and life insurance companies are allowed to ask applicants if they have been diagnosed or treated for AIDS or ARC, and deny coverage or charge other than a standard premium for the policy based on the answer. While they may not ask if an applicant has ever had a positive HIV test, they can require an HIV test as part of the company's underwriting rules before issuing a policy.

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