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You should go solely on the fact he told you he doesn't care for you anymore. Take it slow and easy, start dating again and if you are meant to be together then you will be. If you don't end up together then consider yourself lucky. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-10 23:03:15
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Q: What if he says he doesn't like you but he acts like he does?
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What does it mean when a guy says he doesnt love you but acts like he does?

He wants to get in your pants without the committment

Girl acts like she likes you but then says she doen't?

girls are hard to get and it also depends on why she doesnt like you. maybe you offended her or maybe she is just confussed. ask her ahy she doesnt like you and if she doesnt answer ask her friends.

Why if a guy says he likes you but doesnt act like it?

Ask him.? Ask him why he says he likes you but doesnt act like it. Either he will answer the question or he doesnt like you..

This guy you like ignores you but you catch him looking at you and he acts really weird and he doesnt talk to you what does it mean and he says he doenst like u what does it mean?

uh... if he said he didnt like you he probably doesnt like you. but if you get to know him more and be nice to him, maybe he'll like you

What if your confused if a girl says she doesnt like you but acts like she really does?

If a girl says she doesn't like you and act like she does, then she most likely does like you but is finding some reason to keep her feelings for you a secret. Or possibly she is just has a naturally flirtatious personality and doesn't realize she is leading you on.

What do you do if your crush says he doesnt like you?

move on

What do you do when your girlfriend says maybe to everything?

she doesnt want to do it or doesnt like what you are telling her...and doesnt want to tell you or you to know

What if a guy is 3 years older than you and he always stares at you and acts like he likes you but says he doesnt date younger people and when you try to talk to him he doesnt answer your email?

he licks u but hes 2 shy 2 admit it

What does it mean when he says you are more like a friend?

he doesnt like you that way.

What it means when an ex whos now a friend kisses you and acts like he loves you says he doesnt want you like that anymore and that you shouldnt be friends but he made the first moves?

maybe he never got over you.

What to do if a boyfriend starts to act like he doesn't care about anything?

Let him go or tell him how you feel and then if he says he'll change then he really cares about you and if he acts like he doesnt care let him go he's not worth it.

How do you tell if your boyfriend doesnt like you any more?

If he ignores you, acts normal around but not affectionate, or acts weird around you.

What does Miss Maudie mean when she says Atticus is the same in his house as he is on the public streets?

she means that he doesnt change the way he acts around other people and that he doesnt follow the crowd

What if a girl acts like she likes you and she is dating someone else?

if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

Should you stop chasing a girl because she says she has a boyfriend?

if she says that to you, she obviously doesnt like you

What does it mean when a guy says you have a nice butt but says he doesnt like you?

It means he thinks you have a nice butt but doesn't like you.

What does it mean when a guy acts like he hates you?

it meens that he doesnt like you or hes trying to get your attention[he fancies you]

Does Kakashi hate or have a problem with Naruto He acts like he hates him?

Kakashi doesnt have a problem with Naruto, he acts like that around all people depends on who it is XD

What does it mean when a guy says he doesnt like having a girlfriend?

its means that he doesnt like being tied,he like to be free,free to flirt or wateva.He doesnt like someone on his side saying can you,dis and dat

He says he needs space?

He doesnt like you and hes looking for a way out

Why doesn't Nick Jonas like chubby girls?

who says he doesnt

What if you likea girl and says she doesnt like you but then smiles and laughs and everything and acts different around you then other guys?

Maybe she does actually like you and she's hiding it. But for now, I think, that maybe you should just be her friend. Hope this helps.

How can you tell if he doesnt like you?

You can tell by how he acts and if you notice him making a face like he does not want to hang out with you , then tell him strait that you can tell he does not like you .

Signs a guy just thinks of you as a friend?

ask him out, then if he says no he doesnt like you like dat

When a girl says it doesnt feel like we are together anymore?

Quietly, alone and tell it like it is.