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It could be a bad horn fuse. I think it's a 15 amp fuse. It could also be a problem with the cruise control module. Does the cruise control work (assuming you have a CC)?

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โˆ™ 2011-12-03 05:51:05
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Q: What if horn don't work on 1994 ford club wagon van?
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Where is jack located in 1994 Ford Club Wagon?

In the back with the spare tire.

Why don't your brake lights and turn signals work on your 1994 ford club wagon?

check the fuses.

Where is the horn located on a 1994 ford club wagon?

the horn is located under the air filter box

Transmission dipstick on 1994 ford club wagon?

Its hard to answer this, as it is not a question, but a statement. I fails to indicate what the poster is looking for.

Where can you find a diagram of rear drum brake assembly for a 1993 ford club wagon van?

You can find a diagram of the rear drum brake assembly for a 1993 Ford Club Wagon van at most auto parts stores. It can be found in Ford Club Wagon repair manuals.

Fuse box diagram 1994 Ford club wagon?

how can i find diagrama fuse box i need find fuse or relay for fuel pump.

Is the clutch adjustable on a 1994 Ford Escort wagon?


How do you get the air out of the aux heater in a 1993 e150 5.8 ford club wagon?

how do you get the air out of the aux heater lines on a 1993 E-150 ford club wagon with 5.8 engine?

Are the rear seat belts in a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon electrical?

No they are not.

How do you open locked door of 1992 ford club wagon?


Where is the coolant temperature sending unit on a 1994 Ford E 350 8 cylinder 5.8L club wagon van and is there more than one?

It is located to the left of the distributor.

97 ford Club Wagon anti-freeze leak from your motor?

I have a 97 Ford Club Wagon van. there is anti-freeze leaking from the manifold right above the gasket ( it look like the circle imprint on the manifold. How can this be fix?

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