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Sounds like something in the tie rod has broken. Perhaps one of the tie rod ends, or the turnbuckle. Crawl under there and look around. The problem should be obvious. The fix would be to replace the broken parts and then have the front end realigned.

2006-08-20 11:23:34
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Q: What if only one front wheel is being turned when you turn the steering wheel the other wheel just stay's in one spot what is the problem and how do you fix it?
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What is under steering?

Under steering is when a car is in a turn and it continue straight or pushes the front end through the turn while the steering wheel is turned.

Your steering wheel wobbles but the car goes straight and happens when brakes are not being applied Tire problem?

Most likely a tire problem or a bent wheel/rim. There is a chance it is due to worn out components in the steering or front suspension.

Why is your steering wheel not turning?

Two reason why your steering wheel is not turning.One....your ignition key is removed and you have turned the steering wheel to LOCK position.Two your front wheels are pinned against an obstacle so your front wheels are blocked.

Were is water pump located on gm 3400 engine?

Looking at the engine from the front of the car, the water pump is on the left side. It is the front most & highest pulley being turned by the serpentine belt. Right in front of the power steering pump.

What would cause Front suspension system to have excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return?

A front suspension system has excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return. The most likely cause of this problem is

What could cause a loud humming noise from the front passenger side when the steering wheel is turned to the right while driving?

Check your power steering pump A: check the front Left wheel bearing

A front suspension system has excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return The most likely cause of this problem is?

The front suspension may have excessive positive camber

When am turning left or right start driving off the front of the car and steering wheel starts shaking?

I dont know but i once hade a similar problem and it turned out the car needed a wheel alignment

Why my Beetle won't start?

The problem is between the steering wheel and front seat backrest...

Why does the steering wheel shake at high speed after front pads were changed and disk rotors were supposedly turned?


What would make the front turn signals not work while the back ones do in a 1990 Toyota Camry?

Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column

Brakes vibrate when im stopping and steering wheel moves?

your rotors on the front are warped. they need to be turned or replaced.

Is a Chevy Cavalier front or rear steering?

front steering

How do I keep my steering wheel from shaking when my brakes are applied?

Have the front rotors turned on a lathe at a dealership. check brakes and rotors

Counter steering is used in the case of?

Counter steering is used while riding bicycles and motorcycles. The front wheel is turned away from the direction you wish to go while leaning in the direction you will go. Then the wheel is quickly turned properly to finish the turn.

Steering wheel shakes front wheel problem?

1 of 2 things or both, alignment or balance.

If the front end of your car shakes enough to rattle the steering wheel when stopping What could the problem be?


What would cause the power steering on a 3500 dodge 1996 to work in one direction and not the other direction. Replaced the power steering pump and had all the front end rebuilt within the last year.?

The problem with this concern could easily be the steering gear. The power steering pump is responsible for providing fluid pressure but the steering gear will provide steering assist with the fluid pressure depending on steering wheel input. with the front wheels suspended and the engine off with the pittman arm disconnected from the steering gear the wheels turned left to right by hand at the tires should turn with the same effort both ways. if not, the concern is within the suspension (ball joints) or steering someplace. If the steering effort is the same suspect a steering gear fault.

What is the problem when you hit a bump at higher speeds you get a front tire shimmy for a few seconds?

Probably worn steering and/or suspension parts. Have the front end safety inspected.

Your Steering wheel begins to shake at 60mph - but you just had new tires and another re-balance done - what else could be the problem?

Maybe needs front end allignment. I had that exact issue and it turned out to be the tie-rod ends.

What would make a noise in the right front tire when the steering wheel is turned to the right a little bit sounds like a loud whine goes away when steeing wheel is turned to the left a bit?

check to see if there is any power steering fluid if yes then your pump could be bad

Why does Powers steering veering to right?

Could be something called "torque steer." It has to do with your car being front-wheel-drive and very little to nothing to do with your power steering.

What could cause a loud hissing sound from the front passenger side when the steering wheel is turned to the hard right after backing out then begin driving?

The passenger side front tire may be rubbing on the inner fender.

Buick Rendezvous 2002 Steering wheel is locked turned to the left front wheels are strait you cannot get the key to turn in the ignition even after putting pressure on the steering wheel?

It sounds like the steering wheel is locked, try to wiggle the wheel at the same time you turn the key.

Which car was a goose?

The Tucker '48 was an unusual car, nicknamed the 'Tin goose'. the engine was at the back of the car. The front headlights swiveled as the driver turned the steering wheel.